Soloing Molten Core

So after reading some posts other druids have made pertaining to Soloing Molten Core I thought it was about time to give it a try. As you would imagine it turned out to be pretty darned easy. The goal I set out with was to kill every boss I could in moonkin form and any bosses that proved to be tricky I would swap to feral and take care of them. In preparation I swapped my main healing spec over to feral for the evening and picked myself up a drums of forgotten kings which, to be honest, I should have on my person anyway.

I ended up killing every boss in moonkin form except the following:

Baron Geddon – mana burn was a nuisance and a bear tank can wedge itself into a corner and just ignore all the mechanics of the fight

Sulferon Harbinger – a bear tank can outlast all of their mana pools easily and, though it takes a long while, kill them all with little effort

Golemagg – it just seemed logical, and proved to be really easy.

There’s not much too it to be honest and I hope everyone else takes a shot at it sometime soon. The picture above is me taking a well deserved break at the heart of the core…the giant hammer of ragnaros despawned after enough time had passed sadly. I know there are other guides out there but I might write one of my own for fun and profit down the line.


3 responses to “Soloing Molten Core

  1. A good idea for me to try this out next weekend then 🙂 If you say its that easy

    • It is definitely worth doing. I should clarify that my feral set, while being my third spec, is still decent enough. I was running approximately 53 to 55K hp with mark, forgotten kings, and flask of chromatic resistance. The lower hp amount was with 4 piece 264 tier 10 versus off set pieces. The additional “mini-barkskin” effect it adds did seem to help quite a bit.

  2. Grats. It’s been on my list of things to do but after clearing with a disc priest/feral druid and having to spend ages on Sulferon even with manaburn, I wasn’t sure how if I could manage. My little chicken will pick up feral as an offspec and give it a go.

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