Returning to our “roots”?

Here I am on lunch break and something popped into my head that I wanted to write about. I haven’t had the chance to proof read so hopefully I get the message across well enough.

Back in college one of my roommates was big into paintball. Not the run around in the woods and play army men paintball, but the competitive arena paintball which, if you have ever seen it, is another game entirely. He had a 4 panel comic on his door that I’d like to describe because I want to use something similar to it to make a point.

The first panel showed a beginner, or novice, dressed in casual wear sporting just a gun and some refill tanks, and a pretty vacant stare.

The second panel showed a more experienced player, a veteran, dressed in black with a nicer quality gun and looking pretty serious.

The third panel showed a serious player with the full camo garb, netting and all, with a crazy pimped out gun getting ready to snipe you.

The last panel showed the professional, dressed in casual wear sporting just a gun and some refill tanks, and a pretty vacant stare. The most lethal of the bunch.

Sometimes in an effort to refine a system you return to its roots. With this new revamp to the healing system in cataclysm I really feel like I’m being taken back in a time machine to vanilla wow days. Once upon a time, before we had tree form, when druids were healing we had a wide selection of heals to use…they just all happened to have the same name. We used rejuvenation and regrowth sure, they were definitely fine spells, however on most raiding druids’ bars you were sure to find four or even more ranks of Healing Touch. Rank 4 was the staple and max rank was there as well, some liked rank 6, some liked rank 7, it was all a matter of how you wanted to customize the size of your heal and the mana you wanted to spend for it. Our lower ranks of Healing Touch healed for less and were slightly quicker, but also cost less mana as well.

In Burning Crusade, for a while, most druids used a system very similar with Regrowth. The smart play, in order to conserve mana, was to use smaller regrowths when permitted as to avoid giving out unnecessary healing. Eventually this feature was removed and our mana became slightly less of a concern…gone were the days of sizing your heals and in were the days of having more mana than we know what to do with. Wrath of the Lich King brought us a more hectic raiding environment where healing was all about blowing every GCD you had in some cases and ignoring what you were really casting in others.

Cataclysm seems to come a tad closer to our original model. Sure the spells aren’t all called Healing Touch but the idea they are trying to impart really isn’t that new. I took a lot of pleasure in finding the correct heal for the job back in 40 man Naxxramas and I’ll certainly enjoy it come Catacylsm. I know this might appear daunting to newer druids who didn’t have a chance to do the high end raids in vanilla wow, but I promise you that it will provide you with more of a sense of control over what you are doing in each encounter and inevitably more of a sense of satisfaction and playing it right. Throwing tons of heals out there in the hope that they will stick is a lot different than using the right spells.

For all those out there that don’t like the idea of healing assignments though, you may need to check that at the door. We cannot play hero and save everyone come the expansion…we will need to focus on our respective jobs and make sure our mana stays solid so, in the case another healer is killed or things get out of hand we have the reserve to tap into.


Nourish is the new Rank 4 Healing Touch?


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