Minor Soul Crushing

I know this story is a tad late but still, it hurts just the same.

I don’t know how many of you out there were PC RPG gamers in the mid to late nineties but there was a long running first person RPG series by the name of Might and Magic that I was a huge fan of. Recently I saw the collection of Might and magic 3-6 on sale at Good old Games and decided to immerse myself back into that world. They were a quirky bunch of games with an overarching storyline but each game had its own individual plot. I won’t lie and say they were extremely deep plots as games back then weren’t always so complex, but more just an enjoyable system to grow your characters in. The interface itself was very similar to Bard’s Tale and the golden box Dungeons and Dragons games. The lead designer on the games was Jon Van Caneghem of New World Computing and his quirky sense of humor really did shine through…even his clear love for Star Trek the next generation.

If you did play the Might and Magic series you might have grown, like myself, distrustful of the series as it sped towards its tragic end (e.g. Might and magic 8,9, and beyond). Recently Ubisoft released a teaser trailer hinting that a new era of Might and Magic would be born. Sadly my soul was crushed as instead of a revival of a series near and dear to my heart, we are getting Heroes of Might and Magic 6.

I am happy for you HOMM players…I really am.  Honest.


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