Mana Spreadsheet 2.0

I was doing some napkin math last night looking at the spreadsheet that I posted and I saw an interesting trend, one that would allow us to gage which talent might be more superior for which encounter and a need for an additional scenario. Right now the real quandary, if you can even call it that, is Moonglow versus Furor. With all of the bloat in the resto tree it is proving difficult to maximize both Moonglow and Furor and still maintain all of the throughput talents that we would want. I have seen some druids proposing we use a 8/2/31 build and some were discussing the notion that we could drop one or the other entirely at some point.

The spreadsheet taught me something, that I could somewhat quantify the tipping point between the two talents per encounter if I could estimate with some level of accuracy my mana consumption rate. The higher the rate of mana expenditure, the higher the gear-check level is to abandon Moonglow. If you focus primarily on the 5 minute fight length, and distribute the increased base mana over the length of that fight, and convert it to mana gained per second, you create an effective loss per second that is 41.67% higher than what I have listed in that chart (I added it into its own column in case you don’t want to follow the math). You can then look at that increased mana loss and find the inflection point where the higher valued talent switches. In the sample loss rate that I have inputted into the spreadsheet, that point comes at a base mana pool of 64,000. Any point beyond that is gravy. It might…and I say this with some skepticism, make a case for having two restoration specs if you truly are a Max/Min kind of player.

What I am currently doing is updating the spreadsheet to include the 3 points in moonglow 2 points in Furor setup and analyze its strength so that we can evaluate how much more of an effect we get from having both of those. It will be linked to below.

At a glance, it appears the mana survivability of “3 moonglow 2 furor” compared to Moonglow and Furor individually is the following (based off of 60,000 to 75,000 base mana pool):

over Moonglow alone: @60,000 19.4% increase   @75,000 24.8% increase

over Furor alone: @6,000 9.9% increase   @75,000 12.7% increase

Mana Spreadsheet 2.0


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