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So while at lunch today I read a post over at World of Matticus that I enjoyed thoroughly because it clearly identified an issue that I know a lot of raiders struggle with constantly: Vent communication

Please have a look over at the World of Matticus site and read it, it is good stuff.

Vent communication is tricky because often when we find ourselves quickly blurting something out over vent, the timing is absolutely critical. What we fail to realize sometimes, myself included, is the amount of factors that can slow down the time it takes for the information to be processed. Vent has some amount of lag inherent in the system, it can be as much as 1 to 2 seconds from mouth to ear. Human reaction time is your next obstacle and it varies from person to person based upon the complexity of the response required. Our base human reaction time for something simple like blinking or catching a falling object with your fingers is roughly .15 to .25 seconds. If you are asked to make a logical decision or action (like in wow) it can be upwards of half a second to a second. This reaction time will go up further if the complexity of the response goes up, or if the person has to make some form of mental leap like “oh…that’s Matticus calling that out” and proceeds to find them in their unit frames.

Why is this important? As Matticus stated calling “Run out!” versus “Blistering Cold cooldown up in 3” are completely different animals and your players will react accordingly. Our guild has members calling out when they are taking a battle rez in fights where constant raid damage is occurring so they can be tended to immediately. If you click on accept and THEN hit your push to talk button and announce you are taking the battle rez it could take at least 2 seconds for a heal to queue, maybe even 3. Clarity of vent communication coupled with making it timely is definitely the key to success. Also, you want your fellow raid members to have to do as little thinking as possible in response to your callout. Any vague or nebulous statements will force players to lose time deciphering and processing your call.

One reoccuring culprit was always on Yogg Saron during zero lights: “<so and so> gripped in a tentacle”…which was often met with a frantic “WHERE Are you gripped?”


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