Preliminary: Spell costs at level 85

Base spell costs for level 85 using base mana of approx. 18600 as reported on elitist jerks.

Nourish (7% base mana): 1302 mana

Regrowth (35% base mana): 6510 mana

Healing Touch (38% base mana): 7068 mana

Rejuvenation (25% base mana): 4650 mana

Wild Growth (27% base mana): 5022 mana

Lifebloom (7% base mana): 1302 mana

Tranquility (37% base mana): 6882 mana

Rebirth (68% base mana): 12,648 mana

Mark of the Wild (24% base mana): 4464 mana

Cleanse (17% base mana): 3162 mana

As to be expected I am having a hard time wrapping my head around these numbers at the current point in time. If you went back a couple of years to BC where our mana pools were a lot smaller and asked me about using a spell with a 1000 mana casting cost it might have blown my mind as well I will admit. This is a jump of astounding proportions and I am just not sure what level of gear will be required for us to really get comfortable healing with this toolset.

As far as actual observations, nothing here is really new. We already knew our AoE healing toolset is very limited and expensive and our “blanket” heals are less “blanket-y”. Lifebloom and nourish are extremely cheap as to be expected though, from what I am hearing, Lifebloom does not pack nearly enough of a punch at level 85. Its poor scaling make it very much a drop in the bucket compared to anything else we have. There also seems to be a “bug” with our mastery and that it is not updating over the duration of a HoT. What this means is that if you place a Rejuv on someone at 20% health it will continue to tick at Mastery: Health=20% bonus throughout the whole thing even as they get healed up. What this also means is that if you place a HoT on someone at say 90% health whom you know will take damage, the HoT will tick on them at Mastery: Health=90% even though they are losing health. This must be a bug or is going to really mess with our game plan…it really feels like they are doing everything they can do make Mastery the least appealing stat to us.

The only real stand-outs are Rebirth, and strangely Mark of the Wild. The cost to bring someone back from the dead and rebuff them is a whopping 17,000 mana. This could almost cripple the resto druid tasked with bringing them back to life and I have a feeling it will only be used as a last resort. What I really need to know is how much mana someone comes back from the dead with via Rebirth and Soulstone.

Sadly this feels like another negative post. I’m just really waiting for some good news to come through the pipe so I can be cheerful again!


6 responses to “Preliminary: Spell costs at level 85

  1. just a question cause I’m confused about something, how can Regrowth (as our new flash heal) be nearly as expensive as our long casting HT?

    also seeing the current %, if feel like this isn’t final… a quickheal (~50% cast time and amount healed of a bigheal) costs 7%… while the bigheal costs nearly 40%… you see where I’m getting here 🙂

    • You can’t just look at the cast time and wonder why the two heals have such a different cost. In the end it is all about efficiency and that can take many forms. For healing there are two types: amount healed per mana spent efficiency, and amount healed per second spent casting efficiency. Nourish heals for less for far less mana, regrowth heals for the same or more but much faster and for more mana, and healing touch heals for far more at the same speed for much more mana. This makes perfect sense however there is a pretty steep tax that they have invoked to make these heals prohibitive. Calling Nourish the healing “auto attack” is complete BS in my opinion because the other heals are so frighteningly expensive that we have to be incredibly careful how we spend our mana compared to the auto attack/ability cost ratio other classes manage.

      Regrowth clearly wins out in a pinch for raid healing as those situations, or so GC claims, should generally be handled by everyone’s efficient heals and AoE toolsets which are generally not too expensive. Should you be forced to use Regrowth on a tank however, then you are putting yourself into a bad spot. Obviously situations arise where you will need to do so for sure, but you are sacrificing a massive amount of healing done for the speed and you need to ask yourself how did you let the tank get that low to begin with. If the tank is getting nearly gibbed by the boss then that is a function of the tank’s gear and the tuning of the boss. Blizzard cannot make bosses hit hard enough to force healers to use their “Flash Heals” if they want us to not run OOM too quickly even while making the correct choices. This sadly also points to the massive shortcoming of lifebloom as well as it does not offer nearly enough of a cushion as a tank healing tool.

  2. I’m not looking at cast time alone but the whole thing as one… currently one flashheal is about 50% healing and cast of one big heal (slighly more mana on the flashheal) so I’m going with that theory in the back of my mind

    Ok so HT and Regrowth are about the same cost but differ in healing and cast time so this forces you to consider what spell is used when.

    LB and Nourish for tanking is what I’ve expected but the massive difference in mana compared to our ‘raidhealing’ spells are a bit odd…

    I guess I have to wait for the change to hit live so I can play around with some numbers

  3. anyways ty for the great post! I’ve been waiting for stuff like this for a looong time… time to figure out restodude healing with these…

    keep the numbaz coming!

  4. I’ve made a spreadsheet which shows exactly what I wanted to know! You’re absolutely correct. It seems that Nourish is our ‘good but not great’ heal, while Regrowth and Healing Touch cover the lack of speed/healing compared to Nourish but with a huge mana cost in return…

    compared to Wrath this is a pretty big change… and a good one as well…

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