Rant – Flash in the Pan Guild Drama!

Drama and the Hardcore

Recently our server had what one might consider a rash of drama surrounding a newly formed guild and I would like to tell you a little bit about it. I will try to remain as impartial as I can.

There was a contingent of players from a predominantly 10 man guild on another server that were unhappy with their raiding situation. I am not privy to all of the details just that before their mass exodus a lot of them had feeler applications in to other guilds out there in the twisted nether (including mine). Instead of all going their separate ways a cluster of them landed on our server and started a new guild intent on raiding 25 man content and being the best of the server. They were aggressive and recruited VERY heavily in order to pick up all of the diamonds in the rough that they could find. I give them a lot of credit as they put together a core of raiders that contained quite a few players who left smaller guilds, or were unhappy with their lot in the game at the time.. They were extremely successful in a very short period of time and they definitely garnered a lot of attention with a few server first hardmodes. They also gained a massive amount of notoriety on the server in equally as short a time period. This was not jealousy though. It was due to a vast amount of trolling, hate, “hardcore” elitism and other assorted disorders that perceived higher end raiders can develop. I personally did not have any run-ins with them, I am only commenting on the general state of affairs.

Recently this guild imploded under what was believed a very harsh and unpopular leadership and a bulk of the players server transferred over to Mug’thol to play on the Horde side. It seems that they are washing their hands of those they did not bring with them and said they were dumping the “dead weight”. As you can imagine the server’s forum had some rather biting threads break out as a result and the swell of dislike that bubbled forth from some of the most calm and level headed folks on the server was impressive to say the least. A few of their members have been massively trolling the forums spouting some rather nasty stuff claiming to be superior and asking why other players can’t stop being bad, petty, or as one of them puts it “staying small”.

This guild was a flash in the pan “hardcore” guild that could not support the weight of the egos contained within the group.

Why hate?

Situations like this really intrigue me because I am, at heart, far too nice of a person. I don’t see any merit in trying to make someone else feel bad if I can help it and I’d prefer to offer constructive criticism when possible. It is because of this that I have a hard time understanding the general ass-hattery that “so-called elitist” players use. I say this because the genuine good players who are in upstanding hardmode progression guilds are not these people. Our guild, and many like it, prides itself in steering clear of the name calling and general classlessness that can spring forth from trolling and hating. More than likely, if you see someone referring to another player as a “baddie” or “windowlicker” you are not really looking at a quality person. There were even some not very well known players who, over the course of a few months in this particular guild, had their ego’s get way out of hand.

Here is my question to you, all world of warcraft slang aside: If your mother was able to read your posts on the forums what would she say to you? I know this sounds a tad silly but I think they are good words to live by.

Sadly it generally boils down to John Gabriel’s Greater Internet F*ckwad theory:


One response to “Rant – Flash in the Pan Guild Drama!

  1. At lot of times the most rude people are the ones who don’t get enough attention at home/work/school. They either have resentment against SOMEthing that they end up taking out on other people to make themselves feel good. In the end, it’s exactly like the picture. People don’t feel responsible for their actions because they don’t have to be. =(

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