Hopefully this is not intended?

So I recopied over to the PTR to look at this new lifebloom talent that they created and I saw this:

I am hoping that this is not intentional however I am worried that it is. Having a pure regen talent with a pure dps prerequisite seems somewhat peculiar. In a tree with as much bloat as ours we are hard pressed to spend 3 talent points on a rather solid 2 point talent.


3 responses to “Hopefully this is not intended?

  1. In the current build, holy priests have something very similar so it’s either Blizzard forcing us to test stuff we don’t particularly like by linking it to stuff we want (as they did at first with Lightwell being a prerequisite for chakra) or it’s a “You will use your dps talents or else” type of thing. Personally I’m hoping for the former but the cynic inside says it’s more like the latter.

  2. Thats the whole point I think, “is it worth it?” I don’t think so… I’m going for an 8/0/33 build and the new LB talent isn’t in there. It would have been a nice option without having to spec in a dps-ish talent first but…

  3. it’s probably a more pvp orientated talent thats why they link it to a dps talent so PvE Druids have less chance or motivation to try and get it

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