Call for help – Windows 7 Unidentified Network

So today’s post is a little off topic but I thought I’d put it out here in the hopes that someone tech savvy gets wind of it. I’ve been doing what research I can on my iphone however it is proving difficult to identify the correct solution.

So here is the situation:

Currently the two of us that use the internet connect through Ethernet cables to a Linksys router and then on to a Comcast Cable Model. This has been working perfectly fine for over a year’s time except that it has changed recently.

Two days ago my girlfriend’s laptop stopped being able to connect to the internet even though the router light was still flashing that it was connected. Windows 7 kept saying “Unidentified Network” and prevented her from doing anything with it. When we checked the ipconfig /all parse it showed her IP as which from what I’m told is the IP address shown when Windows can’t connect. My computer still had internet just fine so we figured we would have it looked at during the week by someone and she could use my computer when need be.

Later that night my computer got the same problem and our local area network changed over to “unidentified network”. This happened to change right when I was in the middle of a raid and kicked out all my programs that required access to the internet. I couldn’t figure out exactly what the problem was but when I reset my modem and then plugged my computer straight into it my internet was restored.

My thought was that it was the router so I did a hard reset on the router and loaded up the setup program that came with it and it kept erroring out on me. I was extremely frustrated that I couldn’t get to the router setup controls however after rebooting somehow my computer magically worked connected to the router.

Late Sunday night the “unidentified network” problem crept up again while connected to the router however this time when I connect to the model directly (after restarting it and my computer) the problem persists and I cannot get onto the internet.

So here is my question:

After looking online this is apparently not a new problem with Windows 7 and there are a host of things that could cause such a problem. Is it a coincidence that my girlfriend’s computer and mine got the problem at roughly the same time? I haven’t had a chance to work through with my ISP and see if it is a problem on their end however I am unsure if it is or that they would admit it. Is it an issue with the router? Being somewhat un-tech savvy is there a manual way to access the routers command console in a web page…I know there is as I’ve seen people do it before. If in the end it is an issue with Windows 7 I’m not entirely sure where to start to check for solutions. I have done ipconfig /release /renew to no avail.

Any thoughts?


2 responses to “Call for help – Windows 7 Unidentified Network

  1. not all routers are the same but if your connected to the router than you should be able to access the dashboard or config webpage by going to also looking on the side of the router should give u this information also seeing as its been working for over a year and then all of a sudden it doesn’t work properly you could very well have a virus not saying you do all im saying is it might be inyour best interest to run a virus scan also if your unplugging your unplugging your router and plugging it back in and doing so helps well than your router could be at fault also and this is a little more complicated but if you can get into your network settings where u can specify you ip address and whether or not to use DHCP what you can do is set your ip address and gateway manually your gateway will need to be the address of the router and then the ip address u set on your computer will need to be in the same type your router is in so say your router is youll need to set your computer to something like and youll need to check subnet address but should be anyways fee; free to email me and i hope some of this is at least partially helpful and have a wonderful day

  2. ok i wanna apologize for punctuation and grammar errors as i am on my htc evo

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