Innervate Trick come Cataclysm

I know this might not be new news for some of you but I wanted to mention the trick resto druids can play with other resto druids or perhaps moonkin if they have the Furor talent (though that is definitely the less desirable scenario). With the new Glyph of Innervate you gain 50% of the benefit of an innervate that you cast on someone else.

IF there are two restoration druids in a raid, each with this glyph, you can cast Innervate on each other and gain an increase to the mana returned. The net result is an innervate that returns 30% of your base mana as opposed to 20%. This trick would more than likely be used in 25 man raids as the likelihood of two restoration druids being in a 10 man would be significantly less. This is not unlike the Focus Magic chains mages have done for some time.


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