Lunch Break – Minor update on Efflorescence

Initial reports seem to indicate that the new Efflorescence is in fact 120% of a Swiftmend which should put it at ticks of roughly 1800-1900 hp a second given the gear level accessible to those on the beta prior to entry level raid gear. This is extremely potent and might risk a nerf down the line if it proves too powerful in certain situations however I’d like to talk about why I think it is a fairly reasonable ability moving forward and weigh that against the complaints some have had.


The previous efflorescence healed approximately 550-600 hp/s over 7 seconds in an area 8 yards in diameter. This new efflorescence heals 1850 hp/s over 7 seconds in an area 16 yards in diameter. The original amount/radius were more that likely balanced around the fact we could drop these healing patches at will wherever we chose though it was linked to spamming a rather expensive spell. Given that it is now tied to a 15 second cooldown the effect can be amplified in both magnitude and size.

Cost – Regrowth is currently 35% base mana and Rejuvenation + Swiftmend is currently 30% base mana. The new Efflorescence is only marginally cheaper than its predecessor for a single application however it is roughly 275% more efficient provided you attempt to achieve the same amount healed per 15 second intervals and not refresh the triple stack of old Efflorescence a second time.

Reliability – Swiftmend is a great pinpoint heal that was seeing very little play in the beta partially due to the fact that it required a HoT on the target and it has a longer windup time if you are trying to cast it from scratch. With pre-hot’ing being frowned upon for some time it was more difficult to have access to Swiftmend when you needed it. With the addition of Symbiosis and the reduction in Rejuv’s mana cost we should be able to cast the spell a bit more liberally to create a solid foundation for Efflorescence. A 100% proc rate on an instant cast ability offers us fairly precise control over where we want this pool to land. If absolutely necessary we can run to a spot we believe people will be relocating to (should the fight dictate it) and use ourselves as a beacon to drop the green circle.


Some people are claiming that this spell is a tad too good, or that Swiftmend’s cost should be increased to account for all of the added benefit that we get out of it. Sure if you look through a little hole poked in a piece of paper you’ll see that Swiftmend costs only 10% base mana and you might say “How is it fair that Druid’s get such a powerful AoE tool for that little mana”. What one must factor in is that we will already have to invest in a HoT to get the ball rolling and those are far from cheap.

Wild Growth currently “smart heals” 6 targets for roughly 4710 hp over 7 seconds with a 10 second cooldown. On average Wild Growth will heal 7065 hp per 15 second intervals (so we can make some comparisons to Efflorescence). Efflorescence in its current iteration will heal ~13000 hp over 7 seconds per person standing inside the puddle. What this means is that Wild Growth has the potential to heal say 42390 hp total over the 15 second window and for Efflorescence to be “better” than that you would need to have 4 people within your puddle for the full duration. Getting 4 people inside the puddle isn’t always going to be that easy unless its melee and you can expect some people might move into it after the fact to receive part of the healing done. Here are the approximate numbers for the two spells:

Wild Growth 1 talent point (27% base mana)

Smart Heal? – Yes

Area of Effect – 30 yd diameter

Number of targets – 6

Healing per 15 seconds – 6 x 7065 = 42390

Penalty – none

Efflorescence – 3 talent points (10% base mana + 20% base mana  minimum)

Smart Heal? – No

Area of Effect – 16 yd diameter

Number of targets – unlimited

Healing per 15 seconds – 13000 per player in puddle

Penalty – healing only applies within puddle, players leaving lose benefit

Clearly wild growth is still more powerful.

Let us look at Efflorescence for what it is, a solid second raid healing tool that actually makes us feel like we have an on command ability and not just a random proc. Control is the most important aspect when evaluating an ability and being able to make intelligent decisions and plan where you are going to place these puddles will make you a better player. All of this math, everything that I’ve looked at here, is purely subject to change. Blizzard might turn around and say 120% is too much, maybe 100% is more our speed…and that would be ok honestly because as long as the ability gets the job done then I think we will be in good shape. Numbers are always subject to change but as it stands it is a very potent ability and I really like the mechanics of how it works.


6 responses to “Lunch Break – Minor update on Efflorescence

  1. the people who are against the larger radius and the powerful hps it does now it proc off Swiftmend should first go and see all the other healing classes and THEN review Druids…

    Every other healing class has either a very powerful master that ‘activates’ without having to use your brain as a player (shaman mastery = no brainer) or several nice and interesting talent procs which give very dynamic healing situations. While Druids now have a healing cooldown (which I will rarely use, I don’t have that good cd management). an instant heal on rejuv and a ‘decent’ and ‘usable’ tranquility.

    Efflorescence is a very nice and unique feature for Druid that isn’t really that overpowered… it heals a lot but it won’t heal nearly enough to be ‘OMFG I JUST INSTA HEALED 10 PEOPLE TO FULL HP’. Besides, people still have to stand in the greenzone to get healing… I feel that in pugs this will be bit of a challenge 🙂

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  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought the diameter and healing down a bit.. but I think it’s pretty good at the moment.

    I keep running through fights in my head where it would be great to have.. bunched up on LK, healing through infest, where otherwise I can do little? Yes please. Lay down a green puddle slightly ahead of the group on RS downstairs, and let them walk through it as the boss turns. Reach the melee *and* the ranged on Sindragosa early phases.

    I’m so happy that they changed it to a wider area, on a cooldown, rather than a small, weak heal that you could spam. This is much, much, MUCH more fun, and I can’t wait to use it.

    • I completely agree. I love the fact that it is controllable and a large area so we can actually game it a little bit to maximize the effect. You know what is actually kind of funny….this guaranteed proc with a large area is really turning into the planned ground area of effect that Lissanna was trying to get the Mushrooms to be a long time ago? It is funny how things seem to come full circle.

  4. You make some very good points, but I disagree that Wild Growth is strictly more powerful than Efflorescence. It does have a wider radius, and it continues to heal targets who move away, but for any given number of stationary targets, Efflorescence is much more powerful.

    When hitting 1 target:
    Wild Growth: 1x 7,065 = 7,065
    Efflorescence: 1x 13,000 = 13,000

    When hitting 6 targets:
    Wild Growth: 6x 7,065 = 42,390
    Efflorescence: 6x 13,000 = 78,000

    When hitting 10 targets:
    Wild Growth: 6x 7,065 = 42,390
    Efflorescence: 10x 13,000 = 130,000

  5. That is why I added the stipulation that once you are hitting 4 or more targets Efflorescence becomes strictly better. I have factored in crit to my Wild Growth numbers however I have not factored in Mastery or Haste which further complicated things. Right now players on the Beta have extremely low haste ratings so I am unsure how many ticks of Wild Growth we are going to have in the entry raid gear.

    Efflorescence is also VERY binary which is difficult to evaluate. If Swiftmend crits it ticks for 50% more per tick for ALL 7 ticks. Efflorescence is interesting in that it benefits purely from crit and nothing from haste.

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