For the Alli…er…Horde?!?

So before I get to the serious matter at hand I did want to report some numbers I got while messing around on the PTR last night when it finally came back online. If you want to read more about my dilemma and don’t want to slog through numbers please feel free to skip down below.

I decided to spec my character with purely throughput talents such as blessing of the grove when possible and go to work. I believe I had roughly 4K spellpower, 42K mana (No Furor), and something near 23-25% crit…(and yes that is a staff, I have yet to see Heroic Trauma /cry)


Single application: 383 per tick, 576 crit /w Mastery: 422 per tick, 633 crit

Double application: 844 per tick, 1266 crit

Triple application: 1267 per tick, 1900 crit

Don’t have any numbers on the bloom sorry


Direct heal: 1434   No crit, No mastery available

HoT: 2705 per tick, 4057 crit /w Mastery: 2975 per tick, 4463 crit


Direct Heal: 4900, 7350 crit /w Mastery: 6400, 9560 crit


Direct Heal: 5600, 8500 crit /w Mastery: 6100, 9400 crit

Don’t have any numbers on the HoT tick

Healing Touch

These numbers varied rather wildly so I’m taking an approximately average

Direct Heal: 14400, 21600 crit /w Mastery: 15800, 23,600 crit


Direct Heal /w Mastery: 8890, 13330 crit

Efflorescence: 1523 per tick, 2284 per tick

My first impressions are actually pretty good. Mastery feels like a fairly significant boost to our output and as you can expect Efflorescence is really good. I have some pictures here to show it in action and the range relative to a toon from a zoomed out point of view. Right now the initial heal from Rejuvenation doesn’t benefit from haste as you’d imagine, or crit or even mastery. This has the unfortunately possibility to not scale very well with our gear but I’m not sure the alternatives to this talent are vastly superior at this point. Efflorescence also doesn’t scale with haste however it will scale with crit and mastery by way of Swiftmend itself healing for more. Take note that Efflorescence is binary, when Swiftmend crits the entirety of Efflorescence will effectively crit increasing all seven ticks by 50%.

The Faction Dilemma, I Need Some Guidance!

So my guild has made a rather serious decision for the coming expansion. The server that we are located on is fairly small, casual, and highly imbalanced in favor of the Alliance. While many of us have been Alliance since our toons were created a majority of the guild decided that it was about time we saw how things were on the other side of the yard. So our guild is going to relocate to another server, one which we are figuring out at the moment, and also switching to Horde.

So, I’m now going to be a giant cow-type person for the first time ever and I am a little curious how it is going to shape up. I’ve been told that I’m giving up the obnoxious shoulder shrug of the male Night Elf for the ever so tasteful butt-scratch of the Male Tauren. I suppose it’s all really the same in the end eh? Aside from the money costs and logistical issues pertaining to faction swapping such as reputation, mounts, and other such perks the big concern I have is actually the lore! Having never played a Horde toon past level 27 I feel almost like I will be a new player and I am slightly nervous about the thought. Having to ask where everything is in the capital cities is embarrassing enough.

So I put this out to you the people of the Internet. I know plenty of you play Horde and love it. Is there anything I should know? What do you love so much about the Horde that you think I will also come to love? Are female taurens less obnoxious than male taurens? What will have changed drastically in the expansion that I won’t really appreciate if I haven’t seen it as it appears in live today. I will gladly take a scenic tour on a Horde toon on the PTR and see any places people would recommend so that I can really notice what has really changed.

As always I appreciate the feedback.


As you can imagine swapping servers and factions is going to alienate some of the members of our guild. There are a handful that have no desire to play Horde and I completely respect that. Of them some genuinely prefer the alliance races (mainly Gnomes) and some actually came to join us from the Horde side of which they were sick of. There are some players who really don’t want to leave our current server whether it is due to the cost of transferring server/faction or whether it is an allegiance to the server itself I do not know. All of these reasons for not coming along are perfectly reasonable and I find no fault with them for it. What it DOES mean however is that we will definitely be needing some new blood once we arrive at our new home. Our officers have officially closed public recruitment as a means to assess the situation leading up to the expansion proper but that does not mean you should quell any interest you may have.

We are a solid progression based guild that has been raiding 3 nights a week through Wrath of the Lich King and has achieved much in the way of heroic boss kills. While we are not top 100 or 300, we certainly take pride in getting up to and working on Heroic Lich King 25 so you would not be disappointed if you are a progression oriented player. Aside from solid players we have a strong and devoted leadership as well as good comraderie among the raiding core. I know this is a shameless plug but if you are genuinely interested in finding a new home for the expansion, looking to swap faction to Horde down the line, and are a confident, self aware player please send an e-mail over to in the coming weeks and I will try to get back to you. I’m putting this out here independent of my guild so they would have the final say of course.


6 responses to “For the Alli…er…Horde?!?

  1. I’d consider female tauren over male simply due to size. I find the male taurens a bit too bulky.

    As for must do’s before the expansion, the Wrath gate chain would top my list. It’s definitely worth seeing the other side of it.

  2. I just completed an Alliance -> Horde faction transfer after 5 years playing a gnome and it was a bit of a shock. The hardest part I’m finding so far is that I’m not familiar with any of the flightpaths, so I actually have to think about how I get to Point A to Point B.

    A few things for you:
    – The Argent Tournament will be reset. Completely. You’ll lose the achievements for representing your faction’s cities and the Crusader dailies. But doing them over again (if you want to) nets some good gold and reputation with… the Sunreavers? If that’s what the Horde version is?
    – Your mounts will all transfer to the Horde version without a problem
    – The only exception to the mounts is the Wooly Mammoth. If you have the Alliance version and move to Horde, you keep the blue Alliance one. You can then save up 200 more emblems to buy the red Horde one.
    – You’ll automatically know all the Horde flightpoints. Its just replacing your Alliance boat knowledge with the Horde zeppelin routes.
    – You’ll have to do the questline to open up… that… Ebon Knight flight path in northwestern Icecrown again. Shoot, I can’t remember what its called, but it takes an hour.
    – All of the quests that are Horde only will be open to you. I turned on my low level quest tracker and am working my way through Northrend’s quests, taking a crammed, crash course in Horde lore.
    – All battlegrounds are backwards.
    – I’ve run to the Alliance side of Dalaran far too many times to count. Get used to being ported out.
    – I played a gnome for five years. My character has been an orc for two weeks. I have a new horrible hatred for gnomes that I just can’t explain.

    Its worth it though – its almost like a whole new game!

  3. Once cataclysm comes out, you will have the option of faction changing to troll!

    • You think the Troll druid forms look good? I’m still somewhat undecided on those. For some reason the Psychedelic Saber Tooth Cat seems different to me, though I would really love to see their moonkin form. If it looks pretty sweet then we may have a winner!

      I am somewhat excited about the opportunity to War Stomp gnomes.

  4. They haven’t released moonkin forms for trolls/worgen (YET!). I actually do like the more “sleek” cat model for trolls, but I don’t really like “Boar” form very much (mostly because my beta druid started out with the blue hair model that looked too much like a plagued boar than a ferocious bear). I changed hair colors to something more subtle, and the feral forms are really starting to “grow” on me. If you will be healing with that character, however, it’s what your character looks like OUT of forms that really matters if you race change!

  5. Female Tauren are not ass scratchers. I prefer them greatly over the male model. Troll druids models look to range from interesting to garish, but as a resto you won’t spend much time in feral forms. Either way, get used to never seeing your shoes!

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