Getting Ready, Here It Comes…maybe?

It is unclear whether or not the patch is coming tomorrow however signs seem to point to it. On the General Discussion page two new blue posts popped up elaborating on the new changes as well as the glyph system overhaul.

I’m going to go under the assumption that is it this week as, as BB pointed out, next week would in fact be right before Blizzcon. If you look back on years past we have never had the pre-expansion patch this early. I think roughly 3-4 weeks has been the standard so far though it was not nearly such a lame duck season then as it is today. If you look back the release of Naxxramas and Sunwell offered some very challenging bosses for the highest level of raider and Lady Vashj, Kael’thas, Illidan, C’thun, and Archimonde were still challenging bosses you had to work up to. Given the gear inflation in Wrath they may have come to a decision that the general populace is bored now that anyone can experience any boss available in some form or another.

So, aside from the obvious raiding/gameplay changes that are coming is there anything that you are looking forward to doing? If you plan on raiding as restoration druid I do highly recommend reading my primer as well as hopping over to Lissanna or Keeva’s guides as well. Once things get settled a bit I will revise my guide and add 81-85 to it so expect that stickied on the site eventually.

The one thing I am looking forward to is actually levelling my warrior alt. I like the idea of the warrior however at the lower levels it is arguably one of the most boring classes I’ve ever had the experience of trying out. Everyone kept telling me “it’ll get better once you hit level <x>” as I am dreadfully short on abilities. With the change and the addition of signature spells for each class I might finally have the urge to get back into them.

I’m hoping patch 4.0.1 gives everyone a little something new to whet their appetite before the patch…lord knows we all really need it.


One response to “Getting Ready, Here It Comes…maybe?

  1. Deandre - Dalaran

    Future Enhancement Shaman here. I’ve always wanted to level a Shaman, I just haven’t had the motivation till I saw 4.0.1 Enhancement and was overjoyed.

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