4.0.1 New Haste Cap, Last Minute Details

If you’re planning on raiding in 4.0.1 and your guild is looking to push progression then there are a couple of tidbits you need to know.

The first crucial number for you is 1015. That is your new haste cap you should strive for at level 80. The way the math works you need 37.5% haste to get a 6th tick of rejuvenation (a 50% increase to the base spells output). Any less than that and you only get 5. Assuming that you have a shadowpriest, moonkin, or shaman caster in your group that translates to 1015 haste rating. If you are in a 10 man raiding guild and for some reason lack all three of these then I am sorry but you are squarely out of luck. Due to diminishing returns I don’t think you can expect to reach the full amount of haste strictly through gear without hurting yourself.

What this means is that you’ll really want to take advantage of reforging to gain haste on any items that you did not have haste on before. Now, most druids these days are running 4 piece tier 10 and some 4 piece heroic tier 10 so you will have a handful of crit pieces for sure to reforge. I am one of those “weird” druids who doesn’t run any tier 10 at all (I think I have too much of an issue with the set bonus RNG factor) so I will be looking elsewhere for my reforging. It doesn’t matter how you reach the cap, just that you do.

As of right now, and until anyone proves otherwise Swift Rejuvenation the talent is still bugged. The way the bug works, if you place only 1 of the 2 points into the talent it overrides your haste rating (making it not affect Rejuvenation’s GCD) and sets the GCD at 1.25. With 1015 Haste rating, raid buffed, your GCD on Rejuvenation should sit at 1.09 seconds. I’m still a little unsure if the 2 talent points in SR is worth dropping the GCD from 1.09 to 1.00. For heroic fights it might be as I still believe Rejuvenation will be integral to our healing game plan but I’ll need further testing. I still recommend reading my primer if you haven’t already though this update to Swift Rejuv. supersedes what I have written there pertaining to spec.

EDIT: I’ve removed the section on Malfurion’s Gift because I changed my mind on it enough that I would never suggest it (and multiple other people have affirmed that notion). What this means is that you are more than likely looking at one of three specs: 2/3/31,   2/0/34,   or 0/3/33

Given the fast paced nature of ICC I have a hard time eliminating Nature’s Swiftness however a magic dispel is not high on my priority list. I’ll more than likely toy around with some specs moving forward but Malfurion’s Gift is not going to be included either way.


26 responses to “4.0.1 New Haste Cap, Last Minute Details

  1. I don’t think haste is that important anymore. rejuv is down to 12 secs and WG is on a 10sec cd so our blanket style has been knocked down.. in 25mans you’re not going to do what we did pre-4.0, haste capped or not, you’ll never be able to cover the whole raid with a HoT. haste will be more important in a way to provide extra ticks to our spells but not to be able to cast them super quick. I’m not sure tho haven’t raided on the ptr

    I’m going to focus on 10man hc and I’m not going to switch gear our (maybe the belt which is the only cloth piece I have…) I’m sitting on 800 haste atm (slighty over but can’t remember exactly).

    • You have the option to reforge away crit as well as spirit to attain the new haste cap.

      The problem is that you are misunderstanding what the purpose of the new haste cap is. It ultimately has nothing to do with the GCD of rejuvenation (though I did discuss that some in reference to the Swift Rejuvenation bug) but more to do with the number of Rejuvenation ticks that we get per cast.

      The way the new scaling with haste works is that as you gain haste percentage through gear and raid abilities, your rejuvenation ticks will come at a faster rate. Without haste your Rejuv will tick once every 3 seconds. As your haste goes up, and your ticks come even faster, the gap at the end of the spell between your 4th tick and the 12th second of the spell eventually equals the wait for another tick so you now have 5. When your haste hits 1015 the time between ticks has dropped all the way down to 2 seconds so you can squeeze 6 full ticks in the 12 second window (this is assuming you have the 5% haste raid buff).

      No Haste: 3 seconds between ticks at 3s, 6s, 9s, and 12s
      First Break Point: 2.4 seconds between ticks at 2.4s, 4.8s, 7.2s, 9.6s, and 12s
      Second Break Point: 2 seconds between ticks at 2s, 4s, 6s, 8s, 10s, and 12s

      I know it’s really math crunchy but I hope this helps. It’s not about minimizing the GCD for spamming, it is about maximizing the effect of our Rejuvenation. Lifebloom and Wildgrowth have their own break points and I think I could retrieve those from Elitist Jerks if you are interested.

  2. ow I love number crunching! 🙂 but you could be right, I still stuck on the “you need haste to cast all the HoT’s you can” theory so the first thing that came to mind was that it wasn’t going to be that imp anymore since a short rejuv and a longer wg cd…

    I’m interested in trying out the Reforging thing so I guess I could try to cap my haste while i’m at it… thnkx for the quick response and the twitter update! 🙂

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  4. So, our healing spells still Crit, but should we not be worried about the crit percentage? Just from jumping into 4.0.1 last night I see that I have a much larger health and mana pool and after running a random my Mp5 is through the roof. From your PTR testing and such, would you recommend dropping spirit before Crit?
    Either way, the above info you gave is very helpful, thanks.

    • You are welcome to check the armory to see what I have done. I do share some pieces between my moonkin and resto set so I bit the bullet and reforged spirit for crit on some just to make everyone happy. That being said crit is still very very good for us moving forward. The reason why haste is such a priority is that it has break points instead of a sliding scale. This means if you are 100 haste shy of the haste cap you lose out on that 6th tick entirely as opposed to receiving a percentile boost.

      You may reforge more of your spirit away for crit if you find that mana is completely a non-issue though I’m not prepared to do that just yet. I have 3 points in Furor for the moment and I’m not even sure if those are going to stay.

  5. Hellow there, thx for your post!
    I just want to say that im currently at 995 haste rating (30.34%) and i get out 6 ticks of my rejuvenation

    • If you have Gift of the Earthmother are you including the first upfront tick? I know the combat log still calls it “Rejuvenation”. If you do have Gift of the Earthmother then technically there are 7 ticks, 6 primary and 1 bonus from the talent.

  6. Oh yes ofcourse, so if i get the last 10 haste ill get my extra? =)

  7. i mean 20!

  8. Hi

    Like André, with 994 haste, i get 30,31 % less on cast. But I have tried with different items, up to 1060 in haste score, but never reach your 37%. Are you sure of your 1015 ? Isn’t it 1150 ?

    Ca you post a link on wow armury of your character ?

    A 6th tick should be a huge increase : it increases the numbers of heals by 20% and possibly all the stats of your procs on weapons (Trauma) or jewels (Althor ie), but I can’t reach it !!!! 😦

    • It is 1015, possibly 1016 due to rounding error. I am only quoting someone on the 37.5% however that haste cap requires you to also have Wrath of Air totem, or the Moonkin/Shadow Priest 5% haste buff. If you check your haste at 1060 without one of those buffs you will not see that last tick.

  9. if i understand your point a 1015 haste score gives you 32,5 % reduction and a 5% buff enables you to reach 37,5 % and the holly 6th tick ?

  10. 1015 is correct, and it gives you 31% haste. Haste from different sources does not add, but multiply, in the sense that 31% haste and 5% buff gives you 1.31×1.05=1.3755, that is, 37.55% haste total.

  11. So to understand what is the haste cap that we must get without buffs ?

  12. So to understand what is the haste cap that we must get without buffs ? type me the number not at percentage pls

    • I’m not entirely sure what the number is to reach the 6th tick without the 5% haste buff as diminishing returns plays a large part in that. I can only guess you’re looking at at least 250-300 more haste rating which I don’t think is feasible. 1015 personal haste rating from gear alone should less painful to achieve and hopefully get that 5% buff from your raid comp

    • Haste Rating Required Per 1% Haste @ L80 = 32.79
      37.5% Haste = 1230 Haste Rating

      • What he said. I apologize for being semi lazy and not logging into my Shaman to double check as even without knowing the math offhand I had that at my disposal. 1230 Haste rating is what you’d need to reach the benchmark without Wrath of Air or the like.

  13. Think am not gonna the haste cap so to use Trauma is like that am loosing 60-70 haste by using a staff

  14. I regem the 10 intellect + 10 spirit on 10 intellect + 10 haste now from 738 haste i have 898 do u think that it gives me about 1 tick more for rej ?cause can’t see the difference =/ dunno if is so important to gem so much haste to get 1-2 ticks more and loose spell power + mp5 help me Jar pls 😛

  15. 1015 didn’t work for me. After reforging I got exactly 1015 and Rejuv still had 5 ticks (without the initial 15% healing). After adding a 10 INT + 10 HR gem (1025 HR) and WoA totem it worked. So I think it’s 1016.

    • While mathematically it comes out to 1015, some are reporting that in actually it rounds up to 1016. Having not had the issue of cutting it so close myself I was unable to report it. I appreciate your feedback and I’ll update my guide to report 1016 if anything to prevent anyone from running into that same roadblock

  16. guys about ticks is bug they ll fix it

  17. aerdhc qlxslqundhn pcherjkgwrp wmxgqilu

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