Initial setup

So right now this is what I ended up running for my spec to hit the ground running: My moonkin spec was done a little haphazardly and I will more than likely revert to Hamlet’s suggested raiding spec when I get home from work. I also didn’t get my hands on a Glyph of Rebirth till late last night so it is missing from my Resto gearset.

I know it seems weird at first but it seems to be a nice middle ground when it comes to mana and throughput. Right now with my gear I have enough haste to get my Rejuvenation GCD down to 1.06 seconds and I haven’t decided if that last .06 seconds is worth two talent points.

A lot of evaluation has to be done at this point to see what tweaks I want to make to my spec while doing ICC for the remainder of the expansion.

I did try out my offspec some just playing around on the test dummies. Excluding Starfall and Treants I was about to muster something in the ballpark of 10-11K DPS and that is without really knowing the nuances of the rotation just yet.  I highly recommend “Balance Power Tracker” the addon as it lets you move your eclipse bar to a nicer location on your screen and it predicts energy from each cast in an attempt to prep you for each eclipse proc.

So, still a little confusing and a lot of UI tweaks and Addon customizations left to do but I think with all of the preparations we made leading up to this there shouldn’t be too much culture shock. Good luck out there folks!

Update: I ran some heroic 5 man runs last night and god things were absolutely bonkers. Healing was a complete non-issue so there was little for me to really test. Lifebloom did something like 60-70% of my total healing and Rejuv/Efflorescence did the rest. This is hardly indicative of anything as 5 mans are wonky and the tank was well geared. What DID mess with me were the caster DPS. My guildie’s mage was doing 15,000 to 16,000 DPS and on one boss hit 20,000 DPS (granted it died real fast so procs and trinkets would augment the numbers a lot). So that 10,000 to 11,000 DPS I was cluelessly doing on a dummy felt a lot smaller after that. It pained me when i heard the numbers some melee DPS were relegated to doing. Hopefully this gets sorted out quickly.


3 responses to “Initial setup

  1. do you think that ICC hc is a valid option atm? I should be going this evening, worked out my spec and glyphs but on the PTR some hc dungeons where hard… (haven’t played the 4.0 yet I just arrived at work)

    • I expect that they will be hard. From what I’ve been told damage has in theory been increased on those mobs. I’ll have more info later tonight after we’ve smashed our faces against ICC25.

      What I’d like to know more is what is happening with DPS. The caster DPS in our guild is coming out WAY higher than physical DPS. I’ve been told Ret Paladin DPS is really really bad (not confirmed) and other physical classes are in the crapper too. Moonkin DPS is decent but doesn’t seem to be amazing compared to arcane mages but still untested.

      If the ICC buff is weakened changed or removed it could definitely change my tune a bit as we lose our healing boost (even if everyone else’s HP and damage would stay high by inflation alone).

  2. Ye my guild decided that it’s probably best to run normal first so everyone has a chance to kinda tweak and test stuff, not all of use were on the PTR so… I can’t wait though

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