Primer and ICC Heroic

I know a lot of people are coming to read my Primer and see my musings on how I think heroic ICC25 is going to shake out.

I appreciate everyone taking an interest in my writing but I would like to once again insist that we all approach these fights cautiously. Everyone has a lot to be concerned about going in so I think we need to play it calm and roll with the punches. My point is that everyone is going to have new issues to worry about such as:

New Rotation – All tanks and DPS are going to struggle to find their comfort level with the new rotation and control their output

Threat – Mages, Warlocks, and a few other builds are doing obscene DPS at the moment and you really will run the risk of ripping threat off of the tanks. Be aware that misdirect threat is temporary and you have scaled better than the tanks at this level.

Boss damage – there are reports that boss damage has gone up in all aspects though it is unconfirmed across the board.

Healing Efficiency (HPS and HPM) – Beacon, Chain Heal, Circle of Healing, and Wild Growth are not what they used to be and raid healing/efficiency will take a hit, healers are going to be changing their game plans for quite a few fights.

Addons – some classes rely very heavily on certain addons to help them keep track of their play and not everyone will be at 100% functionality


While everyone gets their feet wet, as a healer I would strongly recommend that everyone watch themselves in there. If mobs, bosses, and spells hit harder then the math everyone is familiar with is thrown out the window. I may be looking at you “Mr. I don’t dodge ghosts on Lady Death Whisper Heroic when it is inconvenient to me” (I don’t actually know this person but I’m sure he exists somewhere out there). Once everyone is 100% comfortable with their style of play and how it works within the new paradigm we will have a better idea of how things shake out. I expect I will be making numerous edits to my Primer so please check back in with me from time to time. If it gets very in depth I’ll move it to its own page.


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