Casual Multiplayer look at Scars of Mirrodin

This post is about Magic: The Gathering

Scars of Mirrodin for those of you who loves artifacts is a dream come true. I have fond memories of playing during Mirrodin block (though not against Affinity in its heyday) and I definitely welcome back the theme with open arms.

There are two new mechanics that are prevalent in this set besides the obvious artifact craze and they are Infect and Proliferate. If you had any experience with Wither then Infect won’t be that different for you. A creature with “Infect” deals damage to creatures in the form of permanent –1/-1 counters and they deal damage to players as poison counters. Yep, that’s right poison is back with a vengeance. As I play predominantly multiplayer these days I am a little hesitant to bank on this mechanic however the sheer amount of ways to get poison counters onto opponents might make this viable. I’m more a casual player these days so I don’t really read up on the new and cutting edge strats so you will need to pardon me if I miss something. Proliferate is a mechanic that is absolutely insane with any artifact or infect based deck. Whenever an ability triggers “Proliferate” you get to choose any number of permanents with counters on them of any type (be it good or bad) and add another counter to them. These counters can be on anything from Magistrate’s Scepter, to Decree of Silence, to Powder Keg, to whatever you can think of…they can also be all of the –1/-1 counters you just put on your opponents team.

I have far too many decks to keep track of at this point ranging from the way old school to mixtures of new and old. One of which is an artifact deck that has an assortment of crazy tools from all ages of Magic (from Forcefield to Voltaic Key to Darksteel Forge). I’ve been meaning to add a couple of All is Dust to the deck is it sorely needs them but that will ideally come in the next week or so. With the release of a new set focused heavily on artifacts I immediately take a look to see what horrendously evil tools I can use to crush my opponents!

Before I list off some cards for multiplayer that are nice, I will preface that this is for multiplayer only and I am not listing the heavy hitter planeswalkers as those are kind of a given at this point.

The two biggest black cards I have seen for multiplayer are: Exsanguinate and Carnifex Demon followed closely by Geth, Lord of the Vault, Ichor Rats, Painful Quandary, and Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon. Necrotic Ooze is interesting but I’m not sure how useful it is.

Some cards I was eyeballing (maybe) for my artifact deck: Steel HellkiteRatchet BombLux Cannon possibly even Platinum Emperion (though that is a big bullseye) and Wurmcoil Engine though this card can be a beater in any deck really. Prototype Portal is immensely strong in theory but given that I like to be able to bounce and recast artifacts I am less high on it.

If you plan on doing the proliferate thing I might suggest Contagion Engine, Contagion Clasp, and Throne of Geth

Mono-Black Control would love Venser’s Journa and I may just slide that bad boy in powered by Cabal Coffers.

For white the new queen of retribution is Sunblast Angel however if you are looking for overcosted annihilation True Conviction might be your solution. Glimmerpoint Stag offers a new way to get the oblivion ring effect as well.

Blue control gained access to Dissipation Field however I am not entirely convinced this will help you in multiplayer. In these games death tends to come swift and fast once the 6,7,8+ casting cost spells start flying. I don’t know how great you’ll feel after this enchant bounces a 14 power flying dragon of doom.

Green got access to Bellowing Tanglewurm which can pave the way for all of your team with green-fear. Asceticism and Genesis Wave might be the expensive game changes you were looking for.  If you’re still trying to get elves to work in multiplayer then you can definitely try out Ezuri, Renegade Leader though Wrath is still not your friend. Blunt The Assault is one of the most powerful “Fog” effects I’ve seen in quite some time.

2 responses to “Casual Multiplayer look at Scars of Mirrodin

  1. Deandre - Dalaran

    I look at some of these cards, and I’m glad I stopped playing years ago. Well, part of the reason is the fact that we had a hardcore tourney rules person join my group of players and suddenly I couldn’t use half my decks.

  2. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thanks a lot!

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