Survey – Why does a server or faction attract you?

So it isn’t new news that I’ll be making a move along with my guild to a new server in the next few weeks or so and also swapping to Horde. Unlike a lot of people who have played/raided Alliance predominantly I have never actually leveled a Horde toon past level 27. It’s not that I have anything against the Horde, in fact I very much enjoy their more interesting character models and background. For me it was just convenience and being able to readily swap resources and gold back and forth between toons with ease.

It’s been a bit of a culture shock swapping some toons over to our new home and trying my hardest to become acclimated to the new environment. Horde on my new server is far and away more developed and healthy than alliance (the dominant faction) on my current main’s server. It got me thinking about what makes a faction/server really healthy and I really wanted people’s feedback on the matter so today’s post is going to be more of a poll!

What I’d like to know is what do you think makes a server healthy. What do you look for when it comes to a server or to a faction within that server? Is economy important to you? Do you prefer a server with a massive assortment of high end raiding guilds or one that is smaller and kept to itself? Do you want a server whose PuG/GDKP can kill the Lich King with ease? Do you like stilted faction ratios? There are so many aspects of everyone’s home server that may or may not appeal to them and I’d like to know why. I’d also love to know what attracts you to the faction that you currently play.

9 responses to “Survey – Why does a server or faction attract you?

  1. In my opinion, as long as it’s not a PvP server the balance between Alliance and Horde is pretty irrelevant to each side.

    Personally, I would favor a medium population server. You want to have an economy developed enough that you can get what you need from the Auction House, but at the same time you can still compete and find ways to make some gold.

    Also, you want to be able to find PuG raid groups or have a pool of people to recruit from, but you also don’t want so many high end guilds that there is a ton of competition recruiting wise.

    I originally started out as Alliance character, but I took a break. A real life friend talked me into coming back, but he played as Horde so I made the switch.

  2. I play on the server & faction that my Real Life friends/family play on. When I moved across the country (and had to make new friends), I actually ended up transferring servers to play with my newer group of friend (whose play schedule better fit with my sleep/school schedule anyway).

  3. I currently play Horde on Chromaggus EU but only moved there to join a guild. Chromaggus is not a good server in my eyes because there are so much more Horde than Alliance so the BG queue takes hours, no PvP guilds, PuGs aren’t very good and I’ve met more ninjas than ever before.
    My ideal server has a 50/50 Horde/Alliance ratio, many good PvP and PvE guilds and less ninjas than Chromaggus 😛

    When it comes to faction I chosed Horde when I started playing cause my friends played Horde. But I like the Horde races more than the Alliance races and I’ve read more about the Horde’s story.

  4. Rather than leave you a mega comment, I’ve done a blog post here –

    But the short answer is that people attract me to a particular server or faction 🙂

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  6. I’m quite interested in this topic. I play on the server that the game chose for me. I’ve been playing over 2 years, have recently left my guild, and am curious how “life” could be different on another server. Maybe a f/u summary of how servers can differ and why. Is Horde/Alliance balance important? Are servers with high-end guilds good places for casuals to play? Why do people think that “ninja’s” are worse here or there, and is there really any evidence for that?

    And if we get cross server raid PuG functionality, will it really matter at all?

  7. I don’t think my main server/faction is particularly healthy. I’ll tell you what keeps me there, though: the fact that it would cost hundreds of dollars to move! 🙂

    • I’ll be honest the move is extremely costly and not something I would do if I did not have a lot of confidence in the guild. As a whole the guild has been around for many years and this is more of a facelift than anything else.

      That being said I am enjoying the time I have spent playing on my alts that I have already moved over and I do like the flavor switch from Alliance to Horde. I can’t say I like Horde more, just that it is a new take on a game I am so familiar with from an Alliance perspective. In that sense it does breathe some added life into the game for me.

  8. This is actually a good question. I fell into Mok’Nathal as I heard a bunch of colleagues and people from work played on that server. I started up an Alliance toon and actually fell into a really nice guild. My kids also started toons with their own accounts and were accepted into the guild. As such I have a way to kind of keep an eye on them without having to be online every time they are. After casually looking around for my colleagues I find out that they are Horde side, oops. Oh well. After two years we’re still very happy with the guild we’re in. The guild has actually watched my kids grow up some during their time online as well. I wouldn’t change it for anything right now.

    We play on a regular server. As such I think Horde/Alliance balance isn’t a factor at all as it might on a PVP server. PUGs pull across the whole battlegroup, not the individual server so that’s a nonissue. It’s medium population, which gives a healthy AH, but still room to make gold (as a previous poster pointed out).

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