Cataclysm Beta – Build 13221 Healer changes!

So along with a new login screen (that has been circulating the web for some time) we have a new beta patch with some VERY interesting changes from the perspective of the healing classes. This is a lunchtime post so please disregard any blatant grammatical errors! i’ll proofread it later 🙂

Let’s hit up the restoration druid changes first:


  • Rebirth now has a 10 min cooldown, down from 30 min.
  • Swift Rejuvenation is now a 1-Rank talent, down from 2 Ranks. Now reduces the GCD of Rejuvenation by 0.5 sec.
  • Efflorescence now heals nearby targets for 20/40/60% of the amount healed by Swiftmend over 7 sec, down from 7.5 sec.
  • Natural Shapeshifter now also increases the duration of Tree of Life by 5/10 sec.

Pretty much straight up buffs across the board as I think the Efflrorescence half a second thing is somewhat of a non-issue.

-Rebirth changing to a 10 minute cooldown seems like absolutely the correct move. They have already restricted how many in combat resurrections are allowed in a fight and keeping the cooldown long only penalizes 10 man raid teams that may only have one druid (and that druid might even be the tank).

-Reducing the points required to max out Swift Rejuvenation by 1 is pretty important as it frees up a talent point for us to use elsewhere. We aren’t the only ones who got this love though.

-Adding 10 seconds to Tree of Life via Natural Shapeshifter is a really really nice buff and I’m quite glad they gave this talent some added worth to the tree it is actually located in!

As a whole these changes are looking really nice and I think we should be very grateful. What I am currently concerned about is that they are looking to possibly nerf Revitalize which is a pretty large source of our mana regeneration. Having not had a chance to do the raid testing on the Beta I can’t say how well we stack up compared to other healers though I have read that we are still very reliant on our instant heals. As I’ll outline below Holy Paladins and Holy Priests got some pretty massive boosts to their throughput so I’m hard pressed to see them buffing other healers and then chopping us off at the knees.

Now let us take a look at the priest changes:


  • Holy Nova affects target within 10 yards. (Tooltip fix)
  • Binding Heal base healing increased by 20%. From 3295-4237 to 3959-5091. Now costs 28% of base mana, down from 29%.
  • Prayer of Healing now costs 26% of base mana, down from 36% of base mana.
  • State of Mind no longer affects Renew, affects Prayer of Mending instead.
  • Chakra no longer works with Renew. No longer costs mana. Sanctuary (Prayer of Healing, Prayer of Mending) now increases healing done by your AoE spells and Renew by 15%. (Old – Only increased AoE spells by 10%)
  • Revelations now has a 40 sec cooldown.
  • Rapid Renewal (Tier 4) *New* – Reduces the global cooldown of your Renew by 0.5 sec.
  • Tome of Light is now a Tier 3 talent, down from Tier 4.

The aspects I did want to focus on is how Holy Priests had their toolset enhanced. Before I continue this is not an “us versus them” issue, I’d like all healers to be strong and equal in their abilities. All that I ask is that each healer remains unique to a point, and that our core mechanics support the playstyle that we are encouraged to settle into by way of boss mechanics (I keep looking at you Revitalize).

Having Prayer of Healing’s cost reduced by 28% is rather significant and puts it in line with both CoH and WG. I am a little unsure of the logic behind this change as I was under the impression that this was intended to be the “heavy hitter” AoE heal. I would need someone in beta to evaluate the healing throughput on PoH compared to Wild Growth. I may be completely off the mark and CoH is much less than WG and PoH is comparable.

The change to Chakra seems quite interesting and quite useful. As it stands fully talented Chakra has a pretty respectable uptime which is a great thing for the boost that it offers. From the rough math that I have read a Chakra’d Renew roughly equals the output of our Rejuvenation and I would like to get some numbers on how CoH and PoH work out compared to Wild Growth with the boost. PoH is still costly enough that spamming it would be incredibly painful so there is no real imbalanced created here. It does seem that powering up for Renew spam will continue to be the way to go but with the added benefit of boosting their other raid healing spells. Perhaps Druids and Priests won’t be so different style wise after all when healing raid wide damage. The new talent that gives priests a 1 second GCD for Renew seems to echo that sentiment. (To reiterate, I may question the design intent but I have no qualms about Priests getting a boost that they needed)

Let us take a look at the paladin changes:


  • Holy Radiance‘s effectiveness now diminish on targets farther than x yards away.
  • Divine Light base healing has been increased by 30%. From 8538-9512 to 11100-12366
  • Holy Wrath now scales from 61% of SpellPower, up from 30%. Base damage reduced by 22%, from 3122 to 2435.
  • Exorcism now scales from 34.4% of SpellPower or AP, up from 15%. Base damage increased by 15% from 2343 to 2741.
  • Flash of Light base healing has been increased by 30%. From 5313-5961 to 6907-7750.
  • Lay on Hands no longer restores mana.
  • Holy Light base healing has been increased by 30%. From 3202-3567 to 4162-4637.
  • Beacon of Light now lasts 5 min, up from 1 min.
  • Mastery: Illuminated Healing now absorbs 10% of the amount healed, up from 8%. Now lasts 8 sec, up from 6 sec. Each point of mastery increases the absorb amount by an additional 1.25%, up from 1%.
  • Holy Shock base healing has been increased by 30%. From 3033-3285 to 3943-4271.

If you have been following the blue posts pertaining to holy paladins and have been reading the world of logs parses you can understand why some of these changes were a must. They dislike paladins being locked into a niche of tank healing, but they have said they would like them to be a biased a little bit (like 60% tank heal/ 40% raid heal as a completely fictitious ratio). That is probably why it came as a shock that Paladins testing the raids had 70%+ of their healing done coming from Holy Radiance and a massive chunk of additional absorbtion coming from that + mastery. Their game plan was to make Holy Radiance more situational but still potent and strengthen all of the single target healing spells to compensate. Looking at the list above this falls in line with what the developers were saying. Without knowing the numbers involved I would think that Holy Radiance works up to some distance, say 10 yards, then tails off very fast after that. A 20 yard burst centered on yourself is still fairly powerful. Having Beacon of Light increased to five minutes is pure gravy and I look forward to not having to cast it multiple times over the course of the fight.

Overall Impressions:

It seems that everyone is getting some love in some form or another (or a fix in the case of Holy Radiance). I think these are welcome changes but time will tell if it causes some negative side effects. Will priests just turn into Renew/CoH/PoM/PoH bots? Will Druids continue to Rejuv spam as a form of raid healing? Will this be enough of a balance to stave off any additional restoration druid nerfs? How will paladins adapt to this new shift in spell versatility? We shall see! In the meantime enjoy the extra talent point in your build and ToL/Rebirth buffs.



5 responses to “Cataclysm Beta – Build 13221 Healer changes!

  1. tbh I never considered using 2/2 in the old Swift Rejuv, since +Haste reduces the GCD as well, right now it doesn’t matter anymore..

    • The problem was that the talent was actually bugged. If you took only 1 of the two talent points it actually hurt you on the GCD (locked you in at 1.25 seconds even if your haste would have brought it lower). This seems like their “quick fix” which has the pleasant side effect of freeing up a talent point.

      • Ye I know I was refering to my level 85 build when, probably, the talent would’ve worked.. atm I not spending any points in Swift Rejuv cause I don’t feel like I need it. I did 11/12 hc bosses yesterday without feeling like I need more haste for faster HoT’s

        And yeah I also believe that they changed the talent to to change it but rather as a cheap fix for the bug. It’s a nice one for very low geared Resto’s tho to have a capped Rejuv. From what I’ve seen on logs from Beta runs our Rejuv will still be king of the hill

  2. Swift rejuv didn’t work with haste scaling and it sucked as a 2 point talent, so reducing it to 1 helps with talent “bloat” and makes the talent not turn into a point “trap”.

  3. So glad they are moving Rebirth back to 10 minutes. 30 was a bit much!

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