• Rejuvenation now costs 26% of base mana, up from 20% of base mana.
  • Revitalize is now a 2 Ranks talent, down from 3 Ranks. Now has a 20% chance to proc at all ranks, now regenerates 1/2% of your total mana (down from 3%) and cannot occur more than once every 12 sec (up from 6 sec).

A 66% nerf to Revitalize. The salt in the wound is the increased Rejuvenation mana cost. Outside of the standard direct heals that every class has we have two spells that we can use to raid heal: Rejuvenation and Wild Growth. I’m curious if the additional nerf to one of them is needed.

I’ve cooled off a bit and I’m editing what I initially wrote. I’m not going to cry that the sky is falling I just think I need to read the feedback from the level 85 raid testers to see just how this will affect our playstyle. Given that most raiders are still forced to use a lot of rejuvenation because we don’t really have a lot else to use this will have some direct impact in our mana efficiency.

From the math I crunched before, I used 8 procs per minute of revitalize returning 3% each for a total of 24% of our total mana pool returned per minute from revitalize which is fairly substantial and definitely overpowered. This change puts us at roughly 4 procs per minute of revitalize at 2% each for a total of 8% of our total mana pool returned per minute. This reduces the value of 1 point of intellect during a 6 minute fight from approximately 0.9 mp/5 to 0.625 mp/5 or a 30% reduction. It may inevitably be the correct choice of course I’m just looking at it defensively right now and through Druid blinders.


10 responses to “Really…?

  1. Deandre - Dalaran

    Buff the value of gemming/enchanting for secondary stats by nerfing the value of a primary? Sorta what it looks like to me.

  2. Perhaps it’s a way to force people into Malfurion’s Gift as well?

    I know that OoC only counts for casted spells, but I also know that a lot of testers were skipping it because of the essentially wasted two points they had to put into FoS to get there. It could potentially be that in addition to trying to push us away from rejuvenation spam, which as I understand it the Beta raid testers were still heavily relying on, they are trying to push us into the other mana regen talents available to us?

    • Don’t you still worry that we are settling into rejuvenation spam in the beta because that is all we really have? I personally haven’t had the chance to do that kind of testing or gain that experience so I will rely on others to do so.

      Outside of Big Heal, Efficient Heal, and Fast Heal that everyone has, we have Swiftmend, Rejuvenation, and Wild Growth for raid healing. With two of those on decent cooldowns that preven spamming Rejuvenation naturally settles into the “go-to” spell slot. This would explain why inevitably the Rejuv nerf hurts worse than the Revitalize one.

      If they wanted us to shy away from Rejuvenation there should be an alternative to compete for that slot. Holy priests have Circle of Healing, Prayer of Healing, Prayer of Mending, Holy Nova, Chakra, and Renew to spread the love. I’m not saying every single one of those spells are awesome all the time but at least there is some choice/diversity.

      It could be a mountain/molehill situation but I really would like to see what the general consensus is at this point. Do we rely heavily on Malfurion’s Gift? Do we go 3 points in moonglow then 2 points in Furor or perhaps something else gets theorycrafted up as the best balance between efficiency and output.

  3. Our mana regen was too high relative to other healer mana regen. We could spam spells around much easier than other classes, and they wanted to put the same pressure on us that is on the other healers. It should end up not being that big of a deal, it’s a class balancing change.

    • So we were that much higher at 85? All i remembered when you were posting reports from your 5 mans was that mana was manageable but felt tight. I assume that with raiding gear things got significantly better then.

      Have you done a lot of raiding on the Beta? From your experience if you have, is your raiding set primarily those three instant heals or do you sprinkle in a reasonable number of direct heals?

  4. They did announce that Revitalize was to OP and Rejuv seems to be our biggest, most used spell still so… As Lissanna said this is just to balance things out. I’m sure this isn’t the first and only nerf we’ll get 🙂

    • I know. I suppose 95% of my problem is not being on the beta so I’m strictly working my head around the magnitude of the change and less the percentage of effect it has on the overall throughput/regen capabilities of druids in a raid scenario. I’ve cooled off considerably and am patiently awaiting feedback.

  5. Sky is not falling. Kittens are not being mutilated. We are just less OP (but still OP) than before. /shrug

  6. And, Deandre had a nice observation: Purified Dreadstones are suddenly more interesting in blue sockets instead of the (mostly) straight Brilliant Cardinal Ruby we are doing at level 80.

  7. Clearly they are trying to discourage Rejuv blanketing with these changes. And I am all for it! I have faith that we will be (somewhat) balanced when January comes. I am really glad to see them working toward our other spells being more appealing.

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