AoE healing update

Good evening all. It’s late and I’m lying in bed but I wanted to give you a heads up a late night patch was deployed with some additional changes to the unlimited target AoE heals.

Efflorescence, Holy radiance, and Sanctuary have all gained a penalty and will heal for less if they are affecting more than six players at a time. This is in addition to the 50% nerf to efflorescence already hotfixed in. I do not know if this limit restriction was already hotfixed in or not or to what degree the effect degrades based on number of players. If we cast efflorescence under a large melée cluster will it be neutered?

While it is still a very potent ability situationally it is looking more and more niche with the changes. I am still unsure if I will spec into it with the full Regen build or not but that is a ways down the road.

On a brighter note there were a host of solid class number crunching across the board and I may get into that when I’m more awake tomorrow!


2 responses to “AoE healing update

  1. Well, it was only a matter of time before they “nerfed” Efflorescence. It felt too powerful even. I found that I had an efflorescence rolling at all times that I could have one up. I’d pick the biggest group in the raid (I mostly do 10 mans currently), and quickly get one popped on them.

    It’s still funny to me that during Rotface last week, one of our raid assists was still calling out “ok, that’s good green stuff don’t move…ok, that’s bad green stuff get out (player x)”.

    • It is definitely very powerful as we see it on live currently. In beta it will now be healing for half of what it is on live (percentage wise) and limited by the number of targets.

      I’ve heard reports that some people are stacking druids and paladins for the group heals with unlimited targets in the beta. While I don’t want Efflorescence creating that kind of imbalance I just want them to be careful with the tweaking so that it just feels like a tag on ability. Once upon a time we were told a DPS increasing talent should yield something like 1 to 1.5% damage increase (back with the 71 point setup). I don’t know what the output is suposed to be for healing and especially now with the condensed talent trees.

      Is 3/3 Efflorescence suposed to do as much healing as 3/3 Living Seed? If so then they should balance it to be that and maybe some people will spec out of it for certain fights. IF they want Efflorescence to almost be a new “spell” for us to fill the large void we have for multi target heals then it’s a different story.

      Not being a doomsayer here, just saying that they need to make up their mind how powerful they want Efflorescence to be and keep it there. If it gets weaker we’ll just end up relying on our raid healing set more which is only Wild Growth / Rejuvenation / Swiftmend. Of course they may just keep jacking up the cost of REjuvenation to encourage us to use…um…something else?

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