Settling into a new pair of Hooves

So now that I’ve moved a handful of my toons over to Horde side and have had a chance to do some PuG’s, trade transactions, and LFG’s with the horde population of the Ruin battlegroup here is a list of the things that I have noticed to be different between playing horde and alliance:

When a shaman uses their major haste cooldown it is called Bloodlust and makes a gurgly yell instead of a heroic cheer.

Horde racials are useful.

That’s it.

There’s really nothing special or different to playing horde though I definitely suspected that was the case. For the longest time I always read about people going all crazy yelling “For the Horde!” and calling Alliance players babies. Every single aspect of alliance culture that is, well, less than pleasant also exists on the Horde side.

I will say that moving to a more advanced server has been a plus and so far the larger population has been a welcome change. At this point I say when looking for a home to play just go with whatever makes you happy. Find a server and a guild that is the right size with the right type of player that works best for you. Neither the Horde or Alliance faction is more skilled/talented/mature than the other.

Happy hunting!



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