Sunfire fix (Patch 4.0.3) and personal update!

So I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately and I assure you that it isn’t due to me playing less games or World of Warcraft. In general it has been pretty slow and I haven’t focused on the elemental invasion at all. I’ve had a lot more fun getting into alts and other games as of late. I thought I’d give a friendly news update as well as a state of the union for my recent activities.

WoW News:


In case you were not aware the druid spell Sunfire (morphed version of Moonfire) suffered from some heinous bugs over the course of its implementation. It did not scale with haste at all originally and until today it ticked every 3 seconds instead of every 2 (meaning it did 33% less damage than an equivalent eclipsed moonfire based on raw ticks alone). The haste issue was hotfixed previously however it wasn’t until this patch that the amount of ticks was corrected. I don’t have WrathCalcs in front of me but I’m going on the assumption that Sunfire in its previous state was accounting for roughly 6% to 7% of your total damage output (don’t quote me on that) and you should realize a ballpark 2% increase in damage output with this fix. Even if my numbers are not exactly correct hopefully you get the gist!

Personal News:


As my last post indicates I have moved a handful of my toons over to our new server Horde side. We have not been raiding for some time as the cost of the move was prohibitive enough that we needed to give our raiding core some time to decide when they want to move. Tonight will be a return to 25 man content to finish up the Glory of the Icecrown Raider 25 achievements people are missing. We were previously working on Heroic LK 25 and while I am sad we didn’t get a chance to complete it I think our decision to move to a higher population server will inevitably be the more important choice. On the whole it is a pleasant new atmosphere with a handful of very talented guilds that were more progressed than we were. We have no delusions that we will be as popular or as touted as we were on our previous server. The goal is to open up to a better talent pool where the average raider may be far more experienced than those on our old realm. Crossing fingers of course!


I have been playing my alt mage pretty aggressively as of late. I have enjoyed the somewhat OP nature of the Arcane Spec with all of these changes and have been tearing through mobs pretty effectively. I have also enjoyed Frost for leveling but I’m not entirely happy with the RNG nature of Frost or Fire in 5 man dungeons. Fire seems very crit dependent and with leveling gear I don’t have much over 30% crit chance so I am unsure if that would work well for me. My shaman, who was my alt du jour for some time has been sitting idle with little to do. I am grinding lower city rep on my DK in order to farm Anzu for her and so far it hasn’t been so bad.


Fallout New Vegas has proven to be a rather effective distraction. I love the open ended feel, the exploration, and the sheer awesomeness of its lore/story. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up Fallout 3 (or New Vegas) I highly recommend them. You can easily lose 60 to 80 hours with each game. I am replaying Mass Effect 2 so my girlfriend can watch. We recently played through the new “Shadow Broker” DLC and while it is short for its cost, it is jam packed with content, amazing dialogue, and some pretty critical and moving character development. I can’t recommend it enough if you are a Mass Effect fan (and romanced Liara in ME1).


So things are going pretty well for me right now and I’m more or less hovering around until Cataclysm hits. What I will say is that if you are looking for a new home prior to Cataclysm please take a look at my guild’s page. It is a shameless plug I know, but we are openly recruiting to add depth to our raid roster and are considering all positions. All that we ask is that you understand your character inside and out and be a self-aware and intelligent raider.


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