Nitro Boost Backfire!

So I’ve been a pretty big fan of engineering for a long time now. I originally was Alchemy and Leatherworking and was responsible for crafting a lot of the fire resist leather pieces for our guild during the times of Ragnaros back in the day. Once AQ40 became the go to place I decided that engineering would be a nice change of pace and it had the added benefit of giving me a free teleport over to Gadgetzan. I know it has not always been a raiding friendly profession and its tools were often fun and mildly useful but that is something that I very much liked about it. In Wrath the profession has taken on a new twist and one that I very much like. Having tinkers (even when they replaced enchants) still made me feel like I had an alternative to the mainstream bonuses and I really liked the Hyperspeed Accelerators, Rocket Boots, and Parachute. The new intellect boosting tinker combined with all of the old reliables makes for some great raiding tools moving forward into Cataclysm and I couldn’t be happier…except for one tiny little problem.

Blizzard, I understand your need to make engineering wacky, zany, and unpredictable. That is part of the flavor of it I get that. This is a medieval/steampunk universe with technology beyond its time that has the drawback of being extremely unreliable. While that is all well and good, increasing the “fail” rate on the Nitro Boosts as high as you did has changed this rather iconic profession ability into Russian roulette. While chain running heroics last night to farm up some Goblin Turbo-Trikes (as well as some pug 10 man stuff) we noticed a few things:

1.)     It can fail in a raid – this is highly dangerous and detrimental as players generally count on as raiding is not an environment that can be balanced around players abilities not functioning as intended. If a paladin’s bubble had a 30% chance to fail every time they cast it I don’t think they’d like it very much. This failure can lead to outright death, or a noticeable DPS loss.

2.)     It can kill you – quite a few times I saw a friendly player fly up in the air from a malfunction and die from falling damage. Yes they have a parachute on their cloak however the failure is intended to give you a parachute as well and they were expecting one to appear that never did.

3.)     It can not happen at all – While not as bad as flying up in the air sometimes the nitro boost just doesn’t do anything at all but the cooldown is triggered. This can potentially be worse as sometimes flying up in the air also helps you dodge something bad moving to your location. Simply whiffing on the ability leaves you with some egg on your face.

4.)     It fails a LOT more often – I kid you not I had my nitro boosts fail SIX times in a row at one point during our chain heroics. Even beyond that streak it would constantly fail at the worst times. My tank would charge forward through multiple packs of mobs and my plan is to Nitro Boost up after him. Well boom off I go straight up into the air while he’s running far away from me. Thank god for cat form dash I suppose.

I want to know if anyone else is experienced any of these frustrations because I really don’t think we’re alone. The cussing that was coming from people as their tinker failed over and over again was rather impressive. I like unpredictable but if the fail chance is so high that it is very noticeable then you have something that has crossed over from risky to unreliable. I also really don’t think the backfire should happen while raiding. Let me know what you think about the problem.


One response to “Nitro Boost Backfire!

  1. Ive found they dont backfire if you stand still as you activate them. Its caused by using them while moving on uneven surfaces from what I can tell. Takes a second longer but is much nicer than flying straight up when you donrt want to be (or dying). Hopefully they get thsi fixed.

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