Looking at Pre-raid gear and where to get it

I read a nice thread over at EJ outlining all of the gear options that are available prior to raiding that preferably had spirit on them. I was combing through them and it had me thinking that I should map out my primary and secondary choices at each slot (as all of the stats have a usefulness) and then take a look at what dungeons I needed to run to get them. I have to give a thanks to Lightflower over at EJ for compiling the master list that I am pulling stuff from. I’m valuing haste / int initially but as I get gear if I find I’m awkwardly between haste break points I can see myself swapping over to a crit or mastery piece so this list is still very much subjective.

Again the source of this list is not my creation. Items listed as heroic are generally  available in normal mode between 316 and 333 ilevel. I also am weighing crit generally above mastery but haste is still taken above all else just so I can tailor my gear around the haste caps after the fact.


[Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades] obtained from Engineering. One of the noticeable perks of being an engineer at the first level of raid content in an expansion.

For the non engineers the only haste 85 blue helm is [Cluster of Stars] obtained through justice points.


Primary – [Quicksilver Amulet] : Karsh Steelbender in Blackrock Caverns Heroic

Secondary – [Yellow Smoke Pendant] from Dragonmaw rep, and [Amulet of Tender Breath] from Vortex Pinnacle Heroic.


Primary – [Mantle of Bestilled Winds] : Altairus in Vortex Pinnacle Heroic

Secondary – [Spaulders of the Endless Plains] Dragonmaw rep reward


Primary – [Solar Wind Cloak] : Rajh in Halls of Origination Heroic

Secondary – [Azureborne Cloak] : Drahga Shadowburner in Grim Batol Heroic; [Cloak of the Dryads] obtained from Guardians of Hyjal reputation


Primary – [Robes of Forgetfulness] obtained through justice points. Only available item with spirit and haste in this slot.

Secondary – [Chestguard of Nature’s Fury] BOE cratable with no spirit but crit and mastery.


Primary – [Armbands of Change]:  Corla, Herald of Twilight in Blackrock Caverns, decent option with haste


Primary – [Deep Delving Gloves] : Slabhide in Stonecore Heroic

Secondary – [Aessina-Blessed Gloves] Hyjal rep reward; [Gloves of Baleflame] obtained from the quest Closing a Dark Chapter in Grim Batol


Primary – [Leggings of Late Blooms] from justice points, or [Leggings of the Path] from Siamat in the Lost City of Tol’vir Heroic.


Primary – [Lightning Lash] is BOE & craftable by Leatherworkers


Primary – [Decapod Slippers] Mindbender Ghur’sha in Throne of the Tides Heroic

Secondary – [Vision-Tainted Treads] Quest reward


[Ring of the Great Whale] is a BOE drop from Throne of the Tides

[Diamant’s Ring of Temperance] obtained via Therazane: Revered

[Band of Life Energy] : Ammunae in Halls of Origination Heroic


Primary : Tatooed Eyeball craftable BoE Inscription

Secondary : Book of the well sung song Heroic Deadmines


Int (2x)

Tear of Blood : Azil in Stonecore Heroic

Witching Hourglass : Obsidius in Blackrock Cavern Heroic


Sea Star : Neptulon in Throne of Tides Heroic


Gale of shadows : Erudax in Grim Batol Heroic



Soul Releaser : Ptah in  Halls of Origination Heroic

Mainhand/Offhand Combo

Primary –  Scepter of Power : Setesh in Halls of Orientation Heroic; Apple-Bent Bough Justice Points

Secondary – Biting Wind : Ertan in Vortex Pinnacle Heroic; Torturer’s mercy : Rom’ogg Bonecrusher Blackrock Caverns Heroic; Bioluminescent lamp :  Nepulon in Throne of Tides Heroic; Prophet’s Scepter : Azil in Stonecore Heroic

Total stats

Assuming that I get my hands on all of my primary options here is a breakdown of what i’d get NOT including cogwheel bonuses, gem bonuses, trinkets, or enchant bonuses:

Spirit – +1414

Haste Rating – +1351

Crit Rating – +429

Mastery Rating – +202

Without factoring gems and cogwheel bonuses it is tough to see if that is adequate to start off with. Once I do a further review of the haste break points I can see where changes need to be made. Do I swap out a piece of spirit/crit gear for a non spirit haste/X item or the other way around for more regen.

Let’s look at where I need to go to get the items that I want:

Helm – crafted

Neck – Blackrock Cavers Heroic

Shoulder – Vortex Pinnacle Heroic

Cloak – Halls of Origination Heroic

Chest – bought with Justice Points

Wrist – Blackrock Caverns

Gloves – Stonecore Heroic

Legs – Lost City of Tol’vir Heroic or bought with Justice Points

Waist – Crafted BoE

Boots – Throne of the Tides Heroic

Ring – Rep, or Throne of the Tides or Halls of Origination Heroic

Relic – Crafte BoE

Weapon – Staff and Mace drop in Halls of Origination Heroic

Trinket – Stonecore Heroic, Blackrock Cavern Heroic (int trinkets)

Looks like i’m going all over the place once I’m ready for heroics though Halls of Origination is definitely high on my list.  Maybe this is helpful for you, or maybe you think I’m crazy! Right now I’m just caught up in the thrill of the expansion and I like to plan out what I need to do to get ready for raiding again. My stat priorities could be slightly out of whack but that is the kind of thing I’ll learn quick enough.

For more information on this topic please head over to Lissanna’s gear list as she breaks down multiple option per slot so you can think about sidegrades: http://www.restokin.com/caster-druid-85-pre-raid-gear/

14 responses to “Looking at Pre-raid gear and where to get it

  1. Could you please add the javascirpt from wowhead so we can get a view of the item direct? without open the link in new window
    Thank you very much,

    • I sincerely apologize but I don’t believe I can link to items from a blog hosted by wordpress. If you pay for wordpress then you can write your own code and install the scripts required to allow for the wowhead tooltips.

      If someone has found a way around this limitation please let me know.

      This may end up the catalyst for me establishing my own domain name and hosting it. I don’t like making people take that extra step when they shouldn’t have to.

      • Reesi had to move to self-hosted just to be able to use wowhead links. We couldn’t find a way for her to embed wowhead links with a wordpress-hosed site.

  2. I found a workaround but it required some installation.

    I’m using Firefox and Greasemonkey. There is a greasemonkey script named “WowHead Tooltips”, install this and the tooltip should be visible.

    • So that is a fix on the user end that would essentially activate the Wowhead tooltips script? I spent a lot of time trying to research loopholes to get that into my web page but with no luck. I’m glad that it worked for you!

      • Yes, it is a fix on the user.

        Like lissanna said, there is no way to add a script direct into wordpress-hosted site

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  5. Hey, no idea why but i haven’t been able to go to Lissanna’s blog so i don’t know if she added “Belt of the Untamed” but if not, isn’t it better than the “Lightning Lash”? If you put a gem in it that is 😉

    • Actually yes that is a nice belt indeed. My original plan was to look at items u could get brute force early on and I figured gathering mats versus an exalted rep grind (given two other rep enchants we need) seemed to be the better call. Given the ridiculous cost of mats on my server and that faction having two epics at exalted I have since changed my tune and I’m grinding for exalted as well. I should update my list to show that as a solid option thank you for the reminder to do so.

  6. Here’s another question while we’re talking gear 🙂
    It’s no problem to find information about haste and if it’s better than other stats. It’s also no problem to find specific numbers about haste but what about Crit? I mean, we can all agree Crit is good now that hots can crit but when do you know you have enough? The reason this is bothering me so much is that i’ve been able to find Haste items very very easily. In fact it looks like there’re items with spi/haste for all our slots. The only time I’ll get Crit is from int ofc og if a tier 11 piece that i need has it. And that I’ll probably reforge too! ha 🙂 I’m guessing it’s too early to find out about numbers or caps for Mastery/Crit.

    • There’s no cap for critical strike or mastery that you’re going to shoot for. They are useful stats but will still rank below int/spirit/haste usually. I say usually because if you’re not near a haste break point, you can waffle a little bit on choosing between haste and crit/mastery. As for whether you prefer crit or mastery that is entirely up to your playstyle, raid size, and healing assignments.

      Crit is always useful but it has a fixed throughput bonus per 1% you gain. Mastery is decidedly more nebulous. In the end I think the proper response is watch your haste break points and beyond that it’s somewhat subjective at least at this level of gear.

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