Where I am, and where to go from here?

Well I’m sure all of you are feverishly playing your toon in order to level, or perhaps meet that heroic ilevel requirement or perhaps you’re doing heroics or raiding already. It is a busy time and there’s so much to do, so much in fact that I don’t have a ton of time to write. I do apologize that it has been awfully quiet over here leading up to Cataclysm and shortly thereafter but it has been hectic. I was actually worried for a bit as I injured my mouse hand a few days prior to the release.

As I post this I’m at level 85 and pretty confidant in my ability to heal heroic 5 mans (though i have not done SFK or Dead Mines yet, heard they are interesting). There’s a lot to work through right now for me though. There’s a laundry list of items I want out of the heroic instances so I plan on doing those feverishly. The price of Obsidium on our server is ludicrously high so leveling engineering to make my goggles is just not something I can economically do at this point in time, soon though I hope.

Healing the heroic instances is still fairly challenging and some bosses have been harder than others. Right now I’m sitting at roughly 88 to 89K mana in a group and 2800 mp/5 listed under “mana regen” on the paper doll unbuffed (with roughly 1400 haste and 410 ish mastery rating I think). Coordinating strategies for bosses, both in a pug and guild group haven’t been too painful, but I think the general caliber of players that are running heroics this early may not be indicative of what you will run into down the line some.

Once the dust settles and we’re all back to the daily grind, I plan on writing a lot more about healing perhaps even make a guide. I look forward to reading everyone else’s thoughts on Cataclysm and what they thought about leveling (especially because i skipped quest text and cut-scenes when possible).

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