Cataclysm Restoration Guide Posted!

I just wanted to write a post to let everyone know my cataclysm healing guide has been posted so please check the link at the top of the page. This is my first attempt at such a thing so it is going to be a little rough around the edges compared to the veteran writers out there. I wanted to make the guide usable for new players and seasons players alike so please come and take a read. Let me know if you think something is a bit off base and needs to be changed. I welcome criticism done in a polite fashion of course!

I hope Cataclysm is working out well for everyone!

Just a heads up on what has been going on for me. Still working on my Dragonmaw rep as I haven’t been running nearly enough heroics lately. We killed the 25 man Baradin hold boss and had some really good attempts on Omitron and Conclave of Wind on 10 man. We held off on continuing because we’ll be doing 25 man raids of that content starting tonight and didn’t want to kill them and be locked. While our official DKP raid schedule is slated to start at the beginning of next year we have more than enough warm bodies to get some learning and progression done so that’s the game plan. So far I’ve really enjoyed healing every encounter that I took part in except for 10 man Halfus Wyrmbreaker…that one I need to warm up to a bit when our strat is solidified.


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