WTB 6 more hours in the day!

It’s been a busy time at work and with the holiday spirit in the air I will probably not be playing quite as much as I’d like this week and next. My rather sad Valor Point total speaks to that (I don’t even have 1000 yet like a lot of guildies do). I’ll try to keep a couple updates coming in the next few weeks and offer some advice for the raid bosses I do get a chance to see.

Right now we’re mostly doing unofficial raids through the holiday weeks and we’ll start full bore on clearing content once that is over. There are other guilds on our server that are full on raiding already and their progression reflects it of course. I’m not too frustrated about that, though I am itching to make a name for ourselves. We’ll get there in our own time once things get going. The reason I say that is, should someone be interested in our guild I don’t want you thinking we’re slacking in any way.

With all of the power leveling and dungeon grinding I have found myself completely avoiding some other games and hobbies and I’m trying to fight off my addictions. My magic group hasn’t met in a few weeks now and the pull of “flat crack” as they call it is quite strong (not a drug for those scouring my blog!). I haven’t had a chance to get back into Fallout: New Vegas either which is sitting there half completed. Hopefully I can graduate beyond needing to log in every day and do dailies in order to have some additional time for other things.

Anyone else having time management issues over these holiday weeks?



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