Quick Plug

Good morning all,

Just wanted to give a quick heads up I have updated the recruitment needs on the right as I should have done earlier. As it states my guild is currently openly reviewing applications as we are looking to have a more robust cast of characters for 25 man content. All classes and specs are available at this time. There are a handful of slots that we are very much looking to fill so if you fit into that category please take a look. Our raiding schedule is generally 3 nights a week and 25 man content will resume just after New Years.

Shameless plug over!

I wanted to also say thank you to those folk that have put in a good word about my guide. I know it’s extremely rough around the edges compared to the veteran writers but i’m glad that I could help out a couple of people along the way.

In game there’s not a ton to report other than Archeology is extremely tedious and boring. I do find that travel form and flight form making excavating individual digs significantly easier though. Good luck to everyone out there trying to get that doll!


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