Omen of Clarity under Dev Review

There have been a couple of posts on MMO-champion recently that have outlined the developers plans for fixing and adjusting classes down the line. There are references to certain specs being too powerful, some too weak, and some that are situationally over or under performing. I’m all for class balance at this level but because it doesn’t necessary disrupt how people are playing their class it would only be a under the hood fine tuning to get things in line. Kudos to blizzard for keeping their eye on the parses and making sure that everything lines up accordingly.

What I also like is their attention to certain stats being over or under valued for specs. The primary culprit for a handful of specs happens to be mastery though strangely enough they make very little reference to healers when they make these comments. If they do make passes on mastery for the parties involved I would hope that they take a second look at how healer mastery is shaping up and is it ok that a lot of healer builds reforge mastery off of their gear when given the opportunity.

There are resto changes in the pipeline that will have an effect on how you play (unlike a gaming the system issue that was the paladin nerf, or a numbers tweak):


  • Empowered Touch will now benefit from Regrowth as well. We’re also buffing the Glyph of Regrowth.
  • We are looking at Holy Concentration (after our most recent buff) and Omen of Clarity to make sure they don’t account for too much mana savings.

These are interesting plans on the part of the developer. The inclusion of Regrowth into Empowered Touch adds another level of depth to Druid healing as well as adds another way to refresh a stack of lifebloom beyond the first if time is extremely limited. Having a 10% boost to Regrowth’s output would also be a welcome benefit.

The Omen of clarity change I’m a little weary of. They’ve already restricted what we can and can’t use the clearcasting for by limiting it to Regrowth, Healing Touch, and Swiftmend (not sure why). It is clearly a core mechanic of our intended healing paradigm or they would not have created Malfurion’s Gift which they have nerfed once before. It is difficult to hypothesize just how they plan to make adjustments to this aspect of our mana saving repertoire.

What is Omen of clarity now (using entirely napkin math):

From what I have read the average numbers on Omen equate to very roughly 3.5 procs per minute, assuming we use those procs on a 5500 mana spell we save 19,250 mana every minute which equates to ~1600 mp/5.

Malfurion’s Gift is a tad harder to nail down but I can try to give you a rough estimate:

Using a 12 tick lifebloom you have a tick every 0.83 seconds. This means that maintaining ONE stack of lifebloom for an entire minute you will have 72 ticks total. Assuming 4% of those ticks trigger clearcasting that yields another 2.9 procs per minute on average. These procs equate to 1330 mp/5.

In total Omen of Clarity using 1 rolling stack of lifebloom yields 2930 mp/5 on average. This total makes the assumption that Omen clearcasting procs don’t trigger a cooldown that locks out the other.

The problem is that this assumption does not include the burst mana saved during tree of life (which I am going to leave out for the moment) and it does not include a crafty druid’s use of Nourish to keep a second stack of lifebloom rolling throughout a fight. Adding a second stack of lifebloom increases your mp/5 by another 530 (penalized by the cost of nourish) while also drastically increasing your healing done. So if a druid rolls two stacks of lifebloom then their mp/5 from Omen of Clarity jumps up to 3460 mp/5.

What blizzard can do, looking at these numbers is try to keep their changes under the hood. You could reduce the procs per minute from Omen of Clarity in a myriad of ways ranging from reducing the innate rate at which it triggers, giving healing spells a slight penalty to triggering clearcasting, or slighty reducing the percent on Malfurion’s Gift (maybe reduce it to one point and have it give only 2% or 3%). The other possible change could be that additional lifeblooms from tree of life do NOT trigger Malfurion’s Gift. This would ensure that these stacks operate at a 800 mp/5 deficit as opposed to a 530 mp/5 gain. That is a 1330 mp/5 swing against Omen’s output. If they wanted to be drastic they could just have all Tree of Life extra lifebloom stacks not renewable although that would be met with outrage as it takes away one of the more intricate aspects of our healing currently.

While my numbers are not entirely accurate as I don’t have access to the game right now, they do tell a story about Omen of Clarity and how powerful it is. If blizzard wants us to keep embracing Omen of Clarity and the talent Malfurion’s Gift there are things they can do to tweak the mana savings without drastically altering what spells trigger what and making things needlessly complicated. I am looking forward to seeing what they do.


One response to “Omen of Clarity under Dev Review

  1. My biggest concern with any Omen of Clarity nerfage is that, so far, in the raiding scene I’m already scraping for mana and feeling that I cannot keep up with a lot of the burst raid damage flying around in a very mana efficient manner at all. It’s tough, and honestly, beyond the point of being “challenging” because you need to “choose smart heals” and starting to lean a bit more towards becoming frustrating.

    If they decide to give OoC a slight nerf, I think I’d be more OK with it if they also coupled it with a slight mana reduction to the cost Rejuv and/or by giving WG a more front powered punch to the healing spell.

    I don’t really want to be back into LK era healing where you can mindlessly spam WG/Rejuv – but with those two spells being our “strongest” raid healing spells, they seem very expensive for how weak they have become, and I do really feel that perhaps they (and effloressence) have been overnerfed, and could use a little bit of love. Right now, I don’t feel that we “mesh” or “blend” very well with the other healers. I do think that we are in need of some tweaking.

    I really depend on my OoC procs in the raid game because I absolutely need the “free” cast to balance out how ungodly expensive some of our other healing spells are comparitively speaking. I really hope that Blizzard looks very carefully at this – and looks at those pushing the envelope in the raid game – before making any decisions.

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