Darkmoon Card Tsunami Hotfix, what does it mean for you?

I just wanted to give a quick update to anyone thinking of getting Darkmoon Card: Tsunami but have been hesitant because of how it originally worked. To get everyone up to speed the issue was as follows: DMC:T stacked a 80 spirit buff up to 5 stacks whenever you cast a healing spell on others and originally it only counted spells with a cast time and swiftmend. This meant that Wild Growth, Rejuvenation, and Lifebloom did not trigger the stack or maintain it. In certain boss encounters there were certainly spans of 20 seconds where you could go without using a cast time heal or swiftmend. I’m not saying that it happens often and I still had an 80% to 85% uptime on the buff though I cannot say how much of that time was at a full 5 stacks.

Through one of their stealthy hotfixes the card now works similar to Solace of the Defeated from Trial of the Crusader. It now procs on all spells and even goes further than that and procs every time a spell heals. What this means is that one lifebloom or one wild growth will near instantly get you up to five stacks of the buff. This also means you are almost certainly guaranteed to have a full 100% uptime at +400 spirit from the trinket. This change might just put Tsunami almost at the top as far as overall static bonus goes. Core of Ripeness still provides more if used during mana tide every three minutes, yielding an effective 975 spirit (only 325 if used every 2 minutes without mana tide).

Fall of Mortality is one of the other top end trinkets that will be contending for the number two spot on your character sheet. Its bonus is 1926 spirit every 75 seconds for 15 seconds (if I am wrong on its calculated ICD please let me know). This gives us a 20% uptime or an approximate static bonus of 385 spirit. The issue of Fall of Mortality is that its uptime is 15 seconds and downtime is 60 seconds leaving a large window for Mana Tide to fall under. If you do manage to line them up perfectly by luck then it proves out to be a huge bonus but it is not something you can plan for.

With Tsunami now with 100% uptime at five stacks you can guarantee it will be active for Mana Tide every time. What this means is that its effective spirit jumps from 400 to 517 if you have access to one mana tide in your group, and it jumps up again to 634 if you have two shamans in your group alternating Tides.


11 responses to “Darkmoon Card Tsunami Hotfix, what does it mean for you?

  1. Do you have much in the way of thought on Jar of Ancient Remedies?

    It seems to be overlooked in any number of healer trinket discussions and it’s finally left me with the question of why. With a 515 spi buff which you could potentially have up 100% of the time (although to do so would be remarkable waste of the on-use, at least at lower gear points. Higher gear points will devalue the on-use, although by that point it may well be that the 515 spi is also no longer necessary or superseded in any event.)

    Of course, after getting the blasted thing, it might just be because of how intensely aggravating the buff effect is. 😛 At first it was rather amusing to have it ‘cast’ and make the sound every single time any of my HoT’s ticked. That didn’t even survive the rest of the raid night I got the thing.

    Hope it’s fixed soon!

  2. Haha…i can see that becoming rather irritating. The challenge of evaluating it would be evaluating the spirit and on use (assuming you never activated it prior to a mana tide) versus the spirit, intellect (regen and starting mana supply) granted by the other trinkets. Similarly spirit increases in value based on your intellect levels and intellect increases with leather mastery/kings/heart of the wild.

    I could work on crunching the numbers but the one piece of info I’m missing as exactly how spirit scales relative to spirit levels. If someone knows this equation I’d be grateful.

    • Lodur and I once took a stab at trying to figure out that equation during beta, it’s no longer the relatively simple equation used until 80 in any case, I can say that much.

      The math beyond working out the formula was far beyond my meager abilities, all I can say with any certainty is that it’s definitely not a linear equation, and it boiled down to looking at it purely from a MP5 figure, Spi >>>>>> Intellect, but of course, Intellect also offers increased Replenish power, higher starting pool, higher spell power/throughput power, etc.

      All I can really say is that anecdotally, I do like the trinket. It increases my endurance in a fight far more than the 285 intellect and spi proc the H Tear of Blood had that this replaced. I can — fight dependent of course, but for example on Magmaw — throw a few RJ’s right off the bat to cover the splash damage, pop the trinket and go back to near full mana safe in the knowledge that the 30 second debuff will be long gone before Mana Tide gets dropped or I feel inclined to innervate, and should be up again ready to pop once more if I still need it immediately after MT/Innerv have been used.

      So yes, anecdotally speaking, I love the trinket (other than the annoyance it causes as mentioned initially). Just wish there was a bit more TC out there to back the opinion up. xD

  3. Hello!

    Now, i’m not that much into theorycrafting and even less into math (and english lol) but could i just ask a question real quick while we’re at trinkets? You keep mentioning Mana Tide but unfortunately I find myself in a 10 man group with no restoration shaman. What trinkets would be optimal for mana longetivity? Should i stop my endless Doll farm? 🙂

    Thanks 😉

    • Without mana tide, any trinkets effective spirit value is taken for exactly what it is. Mana Tide only makes sustained (or bonuses that are always on like Tsunami and Jar of Ancient Remedies) or on use abilities like Core of Ripeness more powerful. If you don’t have mana tide then trinkets like Tyrande’s Lost Doll and Fall of Mortality work out on par with the other trinkets. You should always work out with something roughly equivalent to 320 to 400 spirit along with your intellect bonus, or in the case of the Jar noticeably more spirit at the cost of no intellect bonus.

      Long story short the trinkets are roughly on par not factoring in Mana Tide. Until I actually crunch the numbers, i’m hesitant to say it, but Jar of Ancient Remedies seems the most geared towards pure longevity.

  4. Thanks a lot 😉 I think I’ll go with Fall of Mortality and the Doll (if i ever get that lucky) and then maybe have the Jar of Ancient Remedies to swap in for heroics. Something tells me I won’t have 10-20% mana left at the end of those fights! 😉 Ofcourse this is just the setup I want, I still don’t have any of those trinkets.

  5. Ended up taking some data points and doing a very high level analysis of the Jar of Ancient Remedies trinket today:


    Rather interesting findings actually, particularly in regards to an apparent cap in the increase of MP5 offered by the trinket in scaling with stats. Well; Spirit at least. I suspect it would still scale with further intellect, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find an easier way to go beyond that.

    The raw data, such as it is, is available as well.

    • I’d love to get a hold of the raw spreadsheet data. So far the numbers for evaluating the spirit for the trinket seem perfectly reasonable.

      What I’m curious about, and it leads to a larger scope of work, is how does the spirit scale to increasing your intellect beyond that point. Unfortunately there’s only so high you can go with your intellect given whatever gear you have so the only way you can check is to remove intellect somehow and try to infer the slope of the curve at your stopping point.

      So the regen provided by the Jar of Ancient remedies when everything is taken into account is a known value. What you need to do to compare that to a trinket with 320 intellect and static 400 spirit is look at how that 320 intellect increases the regen from the rest of your spirit as well as interacting with the 400 spirit provided by the trinket.

      I can try to come up with some of those numbers and give them to you for further analysis if you’d like

      • Actually, found out from Zusterke, via twitter discussion last night that the formula IS known; the source I was taking the formula from however had messed it up, or had shown a partially solved version rather than the base. *shakes fist*

        He was also able to explain why that increasing only spirit (i.e., using Core of Ripeness) didn’t further increase the value Inner Eye; when you take the derivitive of the function, you can see that Spirit does not scale with more spirit, it only scales further with more intellect. In short, increasing intellect increases the value of your spirit.

        So, yes! Interesting. 🙂

  6. I think that was to be expected. I would assume there is some type of asymptotic effect going on with the rate at which increased intellect bolsters spirit but I’d like to think that we won’t reach a point in the first tier of content where the diminishing returns is great enough to haunt us.

    Assuming that the amount of spirit you have does not affect the formula and you are only looking at your spirit value as a scalar quantity then the unknown is the coefficient created by your intellect value. I assume the slope is significantly higher in lower level quantities, but if you are looking at the derivative of the intellect function where we are right now you’d hope to find roughly what the rate is. Given that it clearly won’t be simply a straight line it is difficult to tell without the actual equation or taking lots and lots of data points.

    I’d think it might end up being something like SpRegen=F(int)(Spirit)

    Before I get crucified I know the equation isn’t nearly that simple. The function of Int is based off of character level and other aspects that I do not know. If you could keep your spirit static and add or subtract intellect in small increments you could at least approximate the slope of the equation around your gear level.

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