Effloressence 9th tick confirmed

So I fired up the PTR client and for some reason none of my character imports were going through for my main. Luckily I have a really really old version of my character still on the test realms named Jarrl for some reason. Perhaps I was in a fickle mood that day, who knows?

What was important was that even with a good number of blues I had just enough haste to effectively hit the 2005 break point with Dark Intent and a 5% haste buff. So I kindly asked a warlock and shadow priest to party up with me and join me up on the ledge for some testing. Sure enough it confirmed what I had thought that we would most definitely get a 9th tick (just like Wild Growth) at that level of haste. Bear in mind this toon has mediocre gear and the swiftmend only hit for 15,500 without the 10% spell power buff but it does give you an idea of what to expect. I think my previous numbers thrown out for a 17,000 swiftmend aren’t too far off either.

Mediocre numbers aside you can see that with Dark Intent, 5% haste buff, and only 1600 haste I was able to get nine ticks from Effloressence. These numbers validate my suspicions about how this new version will work. This really does make the 2005 haste break point (1573 if you regularly have Dark Intent) much more critical as it will scale your Effloressence up by a huge amount. Something you may also want to think about is Nature’s Grace. During Nature’s Grace we will reach the 10th tick of Effloressence based on that break point and with that the hp/s of the ability jumps up to 8,742 for a 17K swiftmend.

Below is a screenshot of the new Effloressence graphic for your reference:


8 responses to “Effloressence 9th tick confirmed

  1. Thanks for the quick research and experiment I’m sure theorycrafters everywhere are re-evaluating. Also you inspired me for a humorous post tomorrow about methods to suck up to your warlocks for dark intent haha thanks 😉

  2. With Dark Intent, we need 1593 or 1573 haste?

  3. How do you use Nature’s Grace, Jar? Do you cast Moonfire or Insect Swarm for the proc of Nature’s Grace?
    Thank you for a great post

    • It’s difficult for me right now. I’m currently trying out a spec with 3/3 Nature’s Bounty so Regrowth shows up more for me during omen of clarity procs. I’m not 100% set though on that talent. Eventually I will be moving to a hot focused Genesis build as my gear improves so I will be shying away from that.

      When I didn’t use Nature’s bounty and I was trying to use healing touch more for my clear casts I used to set the boss up as a focus target and make a macro that tags the boss with whichever DoT is currently cheaper to trigger Nature’s Grace. What I have been trying to figure out, and hopefully someone can help out, is find a good way to track the ICD of the talent. Power Auras can set up a timer when a buff fades but it caps at 30 seconds so it may require me to get another mod.

      Also, something of note is that the Troll racial should also prop Effloressence up to the 10 tick mark as well.

      • I use Druid Timer Bars. It works wonderful for this. I have all bars disabled except for NG and DoT’s but it will track everything for all Druids!

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