I feel fantastic and I’m still alive! Still alive…at PAX

So as you may have noticed from my rampant twitter its PAX weekend here in Boston and things are…shall we say crazy. As such I haven’t had a chance to write anything lengthy about wow. I will say one thing “Yay no pushback on tranquility!” that is certainly a welcome change.

I expect to write a post early this next week so I can talk a bit more about a couple of the games that I enjoyed thoroughly here on the show floor.

For those of you who are in attendance at PAX if you really want to say hi to me let me know through twitter. Otherwise I hope that you’re having lots and lots of fun. PAX truly is a wonderful place where gamers of ALL varieties come together and share in an unbelievable experience and generally abiding by Wil Wheaton’s law: Don’t Be a D*ck

I do recommend listening to the live versions of the Giant Bomb Podcast and Retronauts podcast when they become available for listening online. Having a chance to attend both as a guest of the panelists (quite grateful for that!) I got a chance to experience some fantastic stuff up close and personal and the audio files are generally the next best thing!


One response to “I feel fantastic and I’m still alive! Still alive…at PAX

  1. Sounds like your having fun, glad its going well! Looking forward to hearing about the event

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