4.1 PTR Update, much needed changes!

For those visiting this after the fact and sending me angry e-mails this is an April Fools joke. Sheesh. That aside i love you guys, read a bit farther back in my blog archive to get to the nitty gritty 4.1 details

In the wake of the much anticipated change to Effloressence Blizzard has hit us with some more rather pleasant news. It looks like we may be seeing some needed buffs after all. I’ll try to run down the list of them so we can see just what they offer us.

Druid (Forums/Cataclysm Talent Calculator/Skills/Talents)


– Regrowth healing done has been increased by 85% and the healing over time component has been removed.


-Improved Barkskin *NEW* 2 point talent (Tier 6) – Increases the damage reduction gained from Barkskin by 5/10%. In addition, when cast, your current target will also gain 50/100% of your Barkskin effect.

-Flourish *NEW* 1 point talent (Tier 7), 16% base mana, 30 second cooldown- Instantly heals all players within 30 yards affected by Wild Growth for 100% of the periodic effect but does not consume it. For each player healed in this way, Wild Growth will be applied to another friendly target within 8 yards.

– Nature’s Swiftness has been redesigned. This ability now heals your target for an amount equal to your maximum health and its cooldown has been increased to 6 minutes. It cannot be used on targets with either Forbearance or Nature’s Endurance. Causes Nature’s Endurance.

As you can imagine these changes are going to play a huge role in how we heal moving forward. Our single target healing paradigm has been improved significantly. You should see your regrowth numbers jump from ~9,000 healing done to upwards of 16,650. Which not drastic it does serve to improve our pinch healing in general (as well as fights like heroic Chimaeron). The downside is that it does not trigger mastery. Add to that our ability to barkskin players at will and Feaux lay on hands and you have an arsenal to be reckoned with. The downside again is that it limits our personal barkskin use as well as conflicts with the debuff from the Paladin’s real deal.

The new ability Flourish is interesting because it adds an up front burst to Wild Growth and expands upon our raid healing with another set of ticking HoT’s. Clearly this is an ability that we will be able to capitalize on more when the raid damage dictates it, and when we have the mana to blanket as many of those 12 people as possible with rejuvenations. At a 30 second cooldown its a steal…you can expect this to be nerfed and/or adjusted.

Additional leaked information:

It also seems that they are working on a new mechanic for druids in which we will have the ability to summon nature’s allies. These will take the form of small animals that stay by our side and confer distinct buffs to ourselves and the raid. They will not fight, have only a few hit points, and will be immune to all forms of non-direct attacks. A total of three animals may be summoned at once from the following classes: Bird, Feline, and Beast. I can only guess that the beast family will govern tanking oriented buffs similar to stoneskin totem or Devo aura, and the feline family with have similar buffs to Windury totem.  I don’t believe this feature will be available until 4.2 or beyond but it is something to look forward to. Having access to raid buffs beyond Mark will be nice. They may have certain allies be available depending on spec.

Hope you are as excited about these changes as I am. Hope your April has started off as good as mine has 🙂


10 responses to “4.1 PTR Update, much needed changes!

  1. You had me for a minute there 🙂

  2. Oh that hurts. I was totally about to start jumping up and down. Then, I looked at the calendar…

  3. Very nice Jar. This’ll teach me to check Google Reader at 3 am on my phone.

    Only thing that scares me is that you basically turned druids into holy pallies. 😛

  4. haha…if only it were so.

  5. Should’ve led with the Barkskin change. The Regrowth change screamed joke.

    That said, somewhere out there, there’s a player from Europe screaming about how watered down our class is getting.

  6. hmm… for a minute, till I checked what date it was posted… nice one!

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