Dislike based on idolized classics – Portal 2 theme song

So I’m still part way through Portal 2 and loving it. I have made a decision to not listen to the closing song until the end because, as it did with the first game, it carries so much more weight when you know how the story unfolds.

What I have seen on message boards is a large chunk of posters speaking out against the new song. Whenever I read any of their posts here is the mental image I get:  someone with a super nasally voice saying “Well ACTUALLY <SLURP> the song Still Alive from the first game was SO much better than this song. <SLURP> It was so much more (insert original, unique, independent blah blah blah)”.

While I cannot comment on the general quality of the song just yet, being a massive Jonathan Coulton fan I am going to stand by a decision that it is more than likely very good and fairly creative. What frustrated me sometimes is the gamer/geek community’s obsession with holding onto classics and old ideas like it would be sacrelidge saying the new material is better or that it somehow would spit on the old. Still Alive the song was something a lot of us held dear. It made fantastic references to moments in the game, it made a half-life joke which we all loved, and it was an errily moving song from a super creepy robot we all love to hate.

Portal 2 has wonderful dialogue and fantastic character development that I honestly didn’t think was possible after how the first game left off. i’m more than satisfied with the experience I’ve had so far and i’m sure the very end will have some more fun moments and lasting memories to be had. Is there a chance I like this song less from a musical standpoint? Maybe, it’s very much a possibility. Should I rank this song lower because the first of the two ending themes had more of an emotional impact at the time? A possibility.

I guess i’m less annoyed that people are crapping all over the song and more that they are doing so with no justification. People get very attached to memories and timing but won’t admit that’s the reason why. I know a lot of younger gamers who are crazed Final Fantasy 7 fanboi’s primarily because it was either the first one they ever played, or it was their first big Playstation RPG and the polygon graphics with FMV excited them so much it burned an image in the brain.

Anyways this is more a ramble than anything else. I hope you all are enjoying your Portal 2 immensely and if you don’t own it yet I highly recommend it. Peace out!

Update: Having beaten the game and listened to the song, I have confirmed that these people are nutjobs. I can understand if someone likes the second song less strictly on musical merit (free country after all) and I understand that some have an emotional attachment to the first song. All that being said the second song is good, is not sh*t, and does not deserve to be crapped on at all.


2 responses to “Dislike based on idolized classics – Portal 2 theme song

  1. But dude FF7 was the best ever 😉

    In reality it is the only final fantasy I ever played and my mom bought it as the third of a buy 2 get 1 free deal. I agree though, I think in general people do not like change. My favorite game continues to be Secret of Mana. Which I admit is the first game with an engaging storyline I played.

    Also, my favorite Playstation game isn’t even FF7, I gotta replay Parasite Eve 2 again XD

  2. Ofcourse people where going to hate on it. Because they will have been waiting for the new song.. Building up all kinds of expectations of how it should be better then the old song. But nothing can compare to the impact of the first song when you had no expectations.

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