Guild Recruitment Needs (following 4.1 guide updates)

So having done all of the analysis of 4.1 in some of my previous posts, I thought I’d turn my attention to something really important for myself and my guild going into this patch. We’ve been hit a little bit by the “real life bug” and as such our raid roster while passable is not quite what we would like it to be. We are looking to cast a larger recruitment net in the hopes of bolstering our roster. I know many of you out there that read my guide are happy with your guild right now, maybe some of you are not. Most importantly though if you know someone else who is looking for a guild that does not read my site please pass this along. We are looking for eager, skilled players who want to get in on the ground floor with a guild that is working through heroics.

So here’s a list of what we could probably use right now, for hybrids a DPS or Healing offspec is very desirable where applicable:

Tanks: Blood Death Knight or Protection Warrior

We currently have 4 tanks (2 druid 2 paladin) and could use some more diversity. High attendance rate would always be a plus so we are always stocked for three tank fights

Melee DPS: Any skilled player should apply

We have representatives from all melee builds in our raiding group however we are always looking for more.

Caster DPS: Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman, Mage (Any skilled player should apply)

I’ll be honest if you’re a balance druid or elemental shaman (and you are skilled at what you do) you have a very good shot at a guaranteed raid spot. We need to bolster our ranged core a bit as far as diversity goes.

Healers: All skilled healers please apply!

We are currently in the market for at least two more healers. While any healer would be acceptable, we really could use another restoration druid and shaman. I would really love another druid to share me sweet sweet innervate love with! All creepiness aside it would be nice to have someone else to talk to about druid-y things!

If you or anyone you know who you feel would be a good fit for a early heroic level raid group please head over to our website linked on the side of this page here and fill out an application. Below is a snippet from the text our raid leader, Theryc, has included in most of his recruitment posts that covers the basics of who we are and what our goals are:

“Who are we?

Way of the Warrior has recently transferred to Zul’jin – Horde. Prior to that, we were the top alliance raiding guild on Norgannon. The guild was founded a few months after launch on Azjol-Nerub, moved to Norgannon in 2006, and we have been pushing end game raiding ever since. Most recently, our progression was 11/12 ICC heroic. We raid Tuesday to Thursday, from 8p to 12a EST.

In current progression, we have killed all 25m bosses on normal mode. We have started on heroics and have downed 1(Chimaeron) thus far.

Why should you apply with us?

-We only raid 12 hours a week, and still manage to push content
-We help with repair funds and consumables for guild raids
-We don’t have yelling and insulting on vent from our raid leader (me)
-There is very little drama in the guild. I know, everyone says it, but you are free to ask the members yourself.
-We don’t tolerate and contribute to public idiocy. I’m looking at you, trade chat. If my members contribute to it, I encourage you to let me know about it.
-As I mentioned, the guild is over five years old. We’re stable, and we have a great group of personalities here.

We currently run a DKP based loot sytem. DKP is earned and spendable during your trial period. All loot systems have their flaws, but our implementation has served us well over the years.

If you would like to apply, please visit

If you have questions, feel free to whisper/mail myself, Faker, Petriee, or Timpani in game.”


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