Heroic Badge Loot / Look at Moonwell Chalice

NOTE: With the change to the proc being mastery instead of intellect this trinket has changed significantly in value. I do not recommend this as a healing trinket (Moonwell Challice)

So the recent bit of news out of the PTR is that we will have the ability to upgrade some of the Tier 12 VP loot from normal to heroic by way of a heroic boss drop currency called Crystallized Firestone. BB on MMO-champion states this will be used to upgrade weapons and relics however jewelry and trinkets are listed as well. This leaves the following possible candidates for upgrade:





Are they all worth the investment? I’m not entirely sure. I haven’t really thoroughly examined the T12 raid loot in order to evaluate alternatives and for druids anything with significantly more intellect is *usually* an upgrade but it all depends on maintaining a correct and healthy amount of haste.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the Moonwell Chalice available through Fire Lands daily questing. For druid alts and folk who don’t have access to some of the better trinkets out there this will be a nice option to work towards. For those who are allowed a little more luxury to make decisions I thought it’d be worth taking a look. The three options I thought I would take a look at are Darkmoon Card: Tsunami (roughly equivalent to Fall of Mortality), Vibrant Alchemist Stone, Jar of Ancient Remedies, and Moonwell Chalice. Please bear in mind my equations use “Mana Regen” as it is the visible stat on the character sheet. Every two points of mana regen equals 1 mp/5 due to healer specialization.

So we know the equation for theoretical regen, approximated linearly is:

ER = [((Int+1180)*1.02)+(I(Item)*1.22)]+[.000125*(Int + (1.17*I(Item)))+.55](Sp+S(Item))+.93

Let’s pretend we have an empty trinket slot and we’re trying to fill it. Going into this experiment you are raid buffed and sitting at roughly 5600 intellect and 2700 spirit (assuming “Bloom” buff). Our “base” regen is [(5600+1180)*(1.02)]+[.000125(5600)+.55](2700)

This equals 6916 theoretical mana regen and 3375 spirit based regen. I say theoretical because in real world applications we do not see 100% of this value.

With the addition of the Darkmoon Card: Tsunami trinket we are adding 321 inmodified intellect, and 400 spirit to the mix. This changes the math slightly: [(5600+1180)*(1.02)+(321)*1.22]+[.000125(5600+(321*1.17))+.55](2700+400)

This equals 7306 theoretical mana regen and 4020 spirit based regen for a total gain of:

Theoretical: 391

Spirit: 645

Total: 1036 (43,512 mana per 7 minute fight)

With the addition of the Vibrant Alchemist Stone we are adding 351 unmodified intellect and a static 8800 one time use mana gain through a concentration potion. (This evaluation does not take into account the benefit of haste when trying to reach haste break points). This changes the math to: [(5600+1180)*(1.02)+(351)*1.22]+[.000125(5600+(351*1.17))+.55](2700)

This equals 7344 theoretical mana regen and 3513 spirit based regen. The 8800 mana boost over a 7 minute fight translates to 210 mana regen

Theoretical: 428

Spirit: 138

Fixed (potion): 210

Total: 776 (32,592 mana per 7 minute fight)

With the addition of Jar of Remedies we are adding an effective 386 spirit and 6420 mana returned every two minutes. The stats equation becomes:


The 6420 mana every two minutes, or 3210 mana per minute gain, equals a static 535 mana regen.

This equals 6916 theoretical mana regen and 3857 spirit regen for a total gain of:

Theoretical: 0

Spirit: 482

Fixed: 535

Total: 1017 (42,714 mana per 7 minute fight)

With the addition of the Moonwell Chalice the math needs to be changed. I am going under the assumption that the player is going to be refraining from activating the trinket when off CD and instead timing its use with Innervate for the increased bonus. What this does is alter the calculation of its benefit some. First we can look at the 340 base intellect:


This gives us 7330 theoretical mana regen and 3509 spirit regen

When activated the trinket gives us 1700 intellect which is then modified to 1989 through bonuses. When active our maximum mana pool increases by 29,835 mana. If innervate is used while active we will gain 5,967 additional mana from its benefit. When active, once every three minutes, we have a 20 second window in which we will gain ~1.67 Revitalize Procs and two full durations of Replenishment for a total of 5.33% of the proc total or 1,590 mana. This gives us a total benefit of 7557 mana every three minutes (2519 mana per minute) or 420 mana regen.

This puts our totals at:

Theoretical: 414

Spirit: 134

Fixed: 420

Total: 968 (40,656 mana per 7 minute fight)

So what’s it mean?

Not a whole lot actually. This was a whole lot of work to find out that it’s a comparable trinket to most of the other stuff out there. It really doesn’t feel like a significant enough of an upgrade to warrant the effort involved however if you don’t currently have access to two epic trinkets it will definitely be a good pick-up for you that is on par with what’s out there now for 359 ilevel.


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