Pants eh?

I know not everyone is entirely high on the new druid tier 12 set and I can totally understand that. I’m not super enthused about it but it is growing on me somewhat. What I really have an issue with oddly enough is…pants.

Hopefully it’s something that they fix but having a robe/kilt on our set has been pretty much a staple with the lone exception of the Tier 4 Malorne set (not our proudest moment, though it had some decent aesthetic value). I know that it is silly of me to want to keep this tradition alive but I do.

So Blizzard, I would kindly request that you take the opportunity to convert the chest piece to a robe (or at the least convert the pants to a kilt).


2 responses to “Pants eh?

  1. Deandre - Dalaran

    Think of it this way: We get to prove we actually have legs again! Swimming outside of water form won’t be quite so horrific.

  2. I say down with pants!

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