Lunchtime rant – Suzushiiro’s Diatribe and added responsibility on Cataclysm

So I was going back through the big crits episodes for late Tier 11 and I happened upon this rant by Suzushiiro that I wanted to transcribe for everyone. I found it quite amusing and I think the healers and tanks out there will agree.

“A lot of the complaints seem to be that the bosses are really unforgiving…that they’re like ‘if you fuck this up if you don’t push the button in a two second window then you’re fucking wiped’. But the thing is every hard fight ever has been like that. It’s just that traditionally the push this button in a two second window or fucking wipe mechanics have been for the tanks and healers. Be it just healing the fucking tank* or taunting the boss or using a tank cooldown or something like that. But in this tier you have a lot of the fights where the push this button in a two second window or fucking wipe mechanics are interrupting a spell** which is traditionally a DPS job. And that’s a new thing for DPS cause usually if you’re a DPS and you fuck up your job you are not punished for your failure until the boss turns big and red and starts one shotting tanks. But now if you fuck up interrupting Maloriak’s*** arcane storm or Halfus’ shadow nova**** everyone knows instantly that it was fucked up and you’re probably done. So…um…yeah to all you DPS who have to interrupt***** now…welcome to my world!”

* Healing the MT during heroic Lich King comes to mind

** Or kite/dps adds or additional boss mobs/legs properly

*** heroic mode I gather

**** Or Blast Nova

***** Or kite/dps adds or additional boss mobs/legs properly

So I added in a few extra little notes for fun. This isn’t being quoted in order to pick on DPS players specifically. It is more just a bit of a throwback to a post I made almost a year ago when we were first learning about healer mana constraints in cataclysm ( . In it I discuss briefly failure modes for different roles. For tanks the failure modes were dying to predictable effects (or failing to use cooldowns on effects that are intended to be survived) and managing the boss mobs properly. For healers the failure modes are dying and failure to heal players from unavoidable boss damage. DPS generally have the failure mode of dying only. Cataclysm has added more failure modes for everyone be it strict/smart cooldown usage by both tanks and healers, healer mana constraints, and added responsibility for DPS in multiple fights with wipe level consequences.

How are things in your raid group? Is the pressure equally placed? Do you have raiders who call out “DEAD!” on vent/mumble when they have no reason/right to do so. Do you get the “siiiiiiiiigh, dead” or “no heals” calls when it was avoidable? Do the DPS players get equally as chewed out when there is a brainfart in the interrupt order or add killing department? Hopefully everyone gets a fair shake.


2 responses to “Lunchtime rant – Suzushiiro’s Diatribe and added responsibility on Cataclysm

  1. I have a new favourite. “You healed me too soon!”
    If your opening tanking attack can’t hold threat over my Nourish, we have a long, hard row to hoe. Hand of Salv for the OT healer before we pull?

    • Heh it does happen. Now that I’m doing random Za/Zg’s at odd hours to pick up the last few VP’s I need to cap i’m reacquainted with the PUG culture. I’ve had a few runs where the tank yelled at me for healing him too soon. Cause lifebloom is so OP for healer threat.

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