Update to: How much mana do we REALLY have in a fight

So last night we recleared everything up to Rag so we can ideally take him out this week given our progress from last week. I felt that I had better control of my innervate usage on Majordomo and wanted to recheck some of my numbers to see how they agree with my old theoretical numbers as well as those from two weeks ago.

Staghelm kill time was 9 minutes. After subtracting 10 seconds of the fight we are left with ~8.83 minutes of active worthwhile regen time.

Theoretical numbers for 8.83 minutes:

Revitalize:  98,933 mana  (933.68 mp/5)

Replenishment: 74,197 mana (700.24 mp/5)

Innervate:  82,330 mana (777 mp/5)

Actual Regeneration:

Revitalize:  108797 mana (1027 mp/5 ; ~110% of theoretical)

Replenishment:  73,054 mana (689.45 mp/5 ;~98.5% of theoretical)

Innervate: 93,628 mana (883.6 mp/5; ~114% of theoretical)

Heartfire: 42,667 mana (402.67 mp/5)

How does this compare to last fights numbers?

Revitalize was 1018.2 mp/5, about 99.14% of this test’s results Good!

Replenishment was 690.92 mp/5, about 100.2% of this test’s results Good!

Heartfire was 395 mp/5, about 98% of this test’s results Good!

Innervate was 534 mp/5, about 60% of this test’s results. This just shows that being less than efficient with your innervates leads to a rather dramatic swing in the value of intellect as well as amount of mana returned from this ability. “Throwing away” 28,000 mana is never ideal especially when we’re constantly trying to weight regen stats and talents against throughput ones.

Overall though it shows that the theoretical math does hold up (as super basic as it is) with increases based on activating on use items and timing them with power torrent.

I did want to add some stuff that was overlooked last time because it is class dependent.

Mana Tide Totem – 783 mp/1 or 9405 mana for its duration based on a 2750 spirit shaman. Given its cooldown expect three per shaman for the fight discussed here for a total of 56,430 mana with two restoration shamans.

Blessing of Might – 326 mp/5 or 34,543 mana for the duration of this fight.

Hymn of Hope – Assuming no innervates are timed with Hymn of Hope and you get only one tick of its restoration, yields 5,546 additional mana per priest.

This brings the grand total to

Spirit+Base regen: 282,585 mana

Int + Gear regen: 318,146 mana

Other classes regen (2 shaman, 1 priest): 96,519 mana

Summation: 600,731 regen mana (5669 mp/5) + 140,000 max mana + 96,519 external mana = 837,250 mana

I know throwing in the external mana regeneration adds a monkey wrench to the gears but it is worth including. What is important to note is that my usable mana supply not counting external regen is 7,000 mp higher than the previous experiment even though it was ~30 seconds longer of a fight due to the added innervate.


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