Transmographication – What are my plans!

So Transmographication (sp?) is certainly not new for anyone at this point though it is something that many of my guildmates have become quite excited about as of late. Everyone is mulling over their choices for what set they find the most attractive and what items from outside of certain tiers mesh better with the items they plan to use. Case in point:

Thunderheart Rainment from Tier 6:








And the Origin of Nightmares:





Things to think about right? The problem is that I was always tight on bank slots because i truly am a WoW hoarder and eventually caved and trash all of my set pieces since the beginning on BC (though Malorne was tossed a long time ago). I was looking at what I did have saved from Vanilla and that was Tier 2, Tier 2.5, and Tier 3. While I loved getting the Feralheart set and Cenarion set they unfortunately got tossed pretty early much to my regret. I’ll do a little dress up here as I was looking through my old garb just to see how it feels on a troll (versus a night elf)

Tier 2:

Good god that is ugly. Murky clearly does not like what he sees! Don’t mind the missing Stormrage pants I believe I may have tossed those accidentally sometime ago. I may have to spend some time in Molten Core to get them back. I spent a lot of time in Tier 2 because honestly Tier 2.5 wasn’t really worth using as a raiding healer. The only time I ever really wore the Genesis set was for some spell damage when C’thun was weakened since there was little else to do. Which brings me to the quality art of AQ:

Tier 2.5:

I think we can safely say that time hasn’t been the kindest to the Genesis set. It just has a weird mottled look to it that I don’t really love. To be honest the Scarab mace was by far one of my favorite weapon graphics of all time.

Now Tier 3 is something that is most precious to me. Naxxramas 40 man (and AQ40) was a time in my life that I could really dedicate to the game and push content aggressively in a top 100 world guild. Looking back on it the amount of time given to that guild was fun but also fairly unhealthy. We raided 5 or 6 nights a week and smashed our face against content till everything was blurry. After all was said and done I walked away from it all with most of my tier 3 (7 of 9 pieces, missing the ring and helm) and the Hammer of the Twisting Nether off of Kel’Thuzad among other things. Each piece felt like it meant something because I busted my butt on those encounters and loved it. Now…the ring I just never won but I do have an excuse for the helm. All the druids in our guild were actually using Don Rigoberto’s Lost Hat from AQ40 ( instead of the Dreamwalker Headpiece ( as they were pretty much comparable. I regret it now because I’m subbing in a Valorous Dreamwalker helm just for completeness. So…

Tier 3

It really is still my favorite set and I’m actually quite happy to see that it suits the troll model fairly well. I prefer the original tier 3, not only because of the sentimental reasons, but because it’s simpler and more understated than the flashy Valorous version:

I like the softer duller green from the original and the much less ornate armor pieces. Not to say that Tier 7 is garbage because any reimagining of Tier 3 is ok in my book!









So have you given any thought to what set/gear you plan to use for your Transmographication? Have you thought about starting up some raids to go farm it? It’s been a blast to do them with guildies so far and everyone helping everyone else out makes it all the more enjoyable. My best wishes to all of you in finding the perfect set. I still have one piece left to go. Mistakenly I threw out my awesome Corn on the Cob stick a long time ago that would go perfectly with my green set:

So I may just have to settle for it’s psuedo color pallete swap:


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