Blogiversary! …and other things!

So it’s a tad belated but I just wanted to say that it has been an honor writing and receiving feedback this past year here at Rank 4 Healing Touch. It’s my first blogiversary (sp?) ever and it feels nice to know that i’ve stuck to my guns and kept writing even though things are a tad slower than when I charged out of the gate a year ago.

I wanted to write because I like talking and I like sharing information. I’m not always completely right and sometimes my theorycrafting purely armchair but it feels like I’m doing something and contributing to the community in a positive way and that makes me happy. I hope that I have brought something new and/or useful to the table for you guys and if not maybe I can at least serve as the butt of a joke or two that’s fine with me as well!

I’m still plugging along raiding though I’ll be honest my high level toons haven’t maintained my interest that much as of late. I haven’t touched my shaman, paladin, or mage 85’s in quite some time other than to help some folks out. I have been working on twinks though. I know it’s a completely separate world that of the 19 twink but I’m finding it to be pretty enjoyable. I wanted to stay away from the damage monkeys (rogue and hunter) because they’re so rote and easy. I opted for a protection paladin and discipline priest.’jin/dartania/simple and’jin/zethra/simple. I’m far from done on them because both require arena grand master trinkets and some fine tuning gear wise but I feel comfortable trotting them out on the field. The paladin is extremely resilient and can (with fortitude and rumseys etc.) reach a decent enough HP to flag carry. I’m still a ways off from those double AGM “of stamina” folk with 2700+ hp flag carry sets but I’ll take what I can get. The priest gets rocked really badly because I don’t have any regulars to queue up with. Frustrating indeed.

Twinking is a really odd hobby and definitely a lesson in frustration depending on group make-ups. I do question some people who go into those BG’s with their experience turned off that are sorely undergeared. I’ve actually seen guys with 600hp with fortitude saying at the start of battle “It’s ok guys, don’t worry about me I’ll die a lot”. Not the most reassuring thing ever. When there is a good match-up though the fights can be extremely rewarding and crazy at the same time.

On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to share some music with you guys. To those that know me well I’m a lover of all sorts of eclectic bands and artists from many different genres of music. Traditional folk music and the bands that dip into that from time to time always peak my interest because of the rich and meaningful stories they convey. Not many bands pull this off but I feel that Great Big Sea succeeds on a level entirely their own. They are a Canadian folk-rock group that performs a host of their own material as well as modernized version of Newfoundland’s sea chanties and folk songs. I know what you may be thinking (if you haven’t heard them), that it sounds a little weird. I get you on that but if you give them a chance I think you’ll find they will impress you. I’ll post a slew of links below to some of their songs on youtube but if anyone has any songs of theirs they really like please feel free to suggest them:

Original Songs:

When I’m up

Consequence Free


Ordinary Day

Sea of No Cares


End of the World

Folk/Sea Chanty themed

Mary Mac

Boston and St. John

River Driver

General Taylor

I don’t often advertise bands or anything of that ilk on here but I thought I’d share a little something of myself. I have a tendency to be sentimental and enjoy moving music like theirs (given my hard ass raiding style my guildmates would probably be surprised to hear this). Deep down I’m a bit of a sap at times. I hope you enjoy their music or if anything take a listen and pass it along to someone you know who may enjoy them.


5 responses to “Blogiversary! …and other things!

  1. Happy Blogiversary!

  2. First off, congrats on the Blogiversary! First-time poster, but been following the blog for quite a while.

    Just wanted to toss out a couple of more suggestions on Great Big Sea songs, since I absolutely love their work. I’m honestly not sure if they’re originals or covers of traditionals, as I’m not from the Maritimes.

    Scolding Wife
    The Mermaid
    Old Polina
    The Night Pat Murphy Died
    Excursion Around the Bay
    Donkey Riding

    I also can’t find a good video on YouTube that isn’t somebody holding a camera at a concert, but Sweet Forget Me Not (Graceful and Charming) is absolutely beautiful. I’d highly suggest it if you can find a decent version.

    I do have another artist I’d suggest if you like music with a bit of a different flair: Heather Dale. She does a lot traditional carols, unthemed original work, but what really draws me to her is her originals based on the Arthurian mythos. With the length of this post, I’ll just name-drop rather than links, but check out Mordred’s Lullaby, Crashing Down, and Kingsword for a small sample of what she does. Cheers 🙂

    • I’m going to have to check her out! And thanks for the links. All of those are good picks as well. I think I have all but their newest CD in my playlist currently and it always makes me smile when i get more than one in a row.

  3. Congratulations, keep the post flowing!

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