Legendary Hullabaloo

So there’s been an awful lot of complaining on boards and forums about the rogues getting another legendary (treating sets as one for the moment). Off of the top of my head the other day I came up with this list and summary:

Warrior DPS - 2/4 *  ***
Warrior Tank - 1/3 *  **
Warrior running multiple specs since Vanilla - up to 4

Paladin Tank - 1
Paladin DPS - 1
Paladin Heal - 1
Paladin running multiple specs since Vanilla - up to 3

Shaman DPS S - 1
Shaman DPS M - 0
Shaman Heal - 1
Shaman running multiple specs since Vanilla - up to 2

Druid DPS S - 2
Druid DPS M - 0/1 ****
Druid Heal - 2
Druid running multiple specs since Vanilla - up to 3

Priest DPS - 2
Priest Heal - 2
Priest running multiple specs since vanilla - up to 3

Hunter - 1

Warlock - 2

Mage - 2

DK DPS - 2
DK Tank - 1

Rogue - 1/3 *  ***

*-Thori'dal was not hunter specific and could be worn by a
 warrior or rogue with tangible play benefits due to stats

**- Main hand Glaive were wieldable by a Protection Warrior,
 while not ideal they were still powerful

***- Thunderfury is usable by rogues and DPS warriors and
 while very powerful, most guilds allocated it to their
 warrior first due to threat generating capability as it
 proved BIS through Naxxramas.

****- The original Druid Atiesh had feral attack power on
 it making it a fairly potent item at the time but no
 druids really raided feral to take advantage of it

While I understand the easy thing to do is pass a lot of
hate onto rogues because they could physically equip more
legendaries but I don't think that is necessarily fair. Of
all of the legendaries made they were really only given any
semblence of priority on one of them. Just because a Rogue
can wield Thunderfury and go back and solo MC, doesn't
really count for the purpose of this discussion.

The classes that have missed out legendary wise are
Enhancement Shaman, and Feral Druids/Hunters to some extent
because they have a fairly limited weapon choice selection.
Rogues have been decently supported legendary wise but not
obnoxiously so compared to other classes. Given their
declining popularity and need to for a resurgence giving
them access to one right now doesn't seem like a terrible
idea for Blizzard. Would I love more healing Legendaries?
Sure. Do I expect another one any time soon? Not really.

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