Recovering From One of Life’s Curveballs – The Four Car Pileup

As you may or may not have noticed I’ve been a little quiet as of late and I wanted to fill people in on why just in case they may have missed my frantic tweets.

I was recently involved in a fairly nasty four car accident in which I was the second car in the line of vehicles and subsequently had my car sandwiched nicely in the middle. A rather terrifying and horrific experience that has left me very much in shock and fairly banged up. That being said I am alive and kicking, just a tad slower than I was before.

Story Time

I’m a fairly cautious driver by nature and I don’t often take risks when I’m on my forty minute commute to work as the highway traffic is often hit or miss each day. The morning of the accident I was cruising along the highway following the flow of traffic nicely when I saw up ahead everything was coming to a halt. Rubbernecking is notoriously bad on this highway and it is prone to rather nasty bouts of completely unnecessary traffic in the morning or evening. Given that I have a reverse commute it tends to be the only thing, sans holiday shopping, that tends to ruin my trip. So I slowed down and prepared for a rather long and tedious trip into work.

That’s when I felt the impact and heard the sickening crunch of a car plowing into me from behind. The vehicle clearly didn’t make much of an attempt to stop and if he did it certainly wasn’t soon enough. Perhaps I braked a little late on my own accord but driving too close will get you and this time it got him.

The initial hit wasn’t that bad though it buckled the rear passenger pillar. He ended up not hitting me square while his car then veered to the left out of control and slid into the guard rail. Upon being hit I was thrown forward jamming both of my knees into the console and my left leg driven hard into the footrest. If that wasn’t bad enough watching as your car lurches towards the car in front of it with such force is a really dreadful feeling. In retrospect I don’t know entirely what was going through my mind at the time but there certainly was a lot. I was thinking about my girlfriend, my family, and whatever else flashed in there at that moment. I was thrown forward hard upon impact but thankfully the seat belt held me firmly and the airbag didn’t go off. In any other situation I’d be livid that it didn’t but I actually managed less injury without it deploying strangely enough.


I was informed it didn’t go off due to the angle of my car downward from the rear impact and how that affected the force distributed to the sensors used for the airbag. This is an area of car mechanics that I don’t entirely understand so I won’t try to go any further with that. After the impact I crawled through the car to the passenger side and limped out of the vehicle not sure if my knee was ok. The police and fire department were quick to respond and tended to the fellow that hit me. Once he was loaded into an ambulance our other cars were towed away and we were tended to. The rest of the day was spent calling my loved ones, the insurance company, meeting the adjustor, and heading to the emergency room for a checkup. The emergency room doctor discharged me, despite being banged up, sore, and in pain, as nothing was evidently broken (though I am following up on that separately).

While the scary part is over the following week has been difficult to say the least. Having your car totaled is an ordeal that I was not at all prepared for. While yes they provide you with money to purchase a new vehicle and help to get your on your way it doesn’t make finding a new car in a truncated time frame any easier. That is never a decision you want to rush through. I’ve had lengthy conversations with my insurance agents who have been remarkably understanding and helpful in the process. I looked at a host of cars and evaluated multiple financing options and I think I’ve finally settled on something that works for me. Pretty soon everything will be back to normal in my life…well car wise that is. I’m just hoping that in my visits to the doctors that nothing is really wrong with me but I can’t honestly say that at this time.


4 responses to “Recovering From One of Life’s Curveballs – The Four Car Pileup

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that!

  2. My biggest fear is that I’m going to get hit on my commute by someone who isn’t paying attention. I’m glad to hear that you are OK, and I hope that the doctors confirm that you’ve got no serious/permanant damage.

  3. I’m glad your okay. I remember you saying you got hit and I’m happy that you’re not hurt any worse. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that things will turn out okay.

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