Spirit/Intellect Relationship 3, regeneration at high end gear levels

As my previous mana regen equation posts this will be a bit mathy but there are still some useful bits of information to take away from it even if you aren’t math inclined. I will try to keep this post a little shorter than my other ones as the basics have been covered already. The math herein is subject to some review when I am less sleepy or I receive feedback to the contrary.


What we know is that at any particular level of intellect adding more spirit gives us a constant amount of mana regen. I have tested this before and found that to be a factual statement. Same as before the value of intellect based regen is generated by using a ‘perfect world’ approximation of our innervate, replenishment, and revitalize mana returns and distributing them out over the course of a fight. My math assumes roughly a six to seven minute encounter for the purposes of valuing intellect regen. I do understand that longer fights will depreciate this regen somewhat.


In order to generate a linear approximation of our mana regen relative to spirit and intellect, as opposed to the high order equation you may have seen elsewhere by theorycrafters, I evaluated my mana regen at multiple levels of intellect by way of buffs and the addition and subtraction of brilliant gems in my gear. This data was placed into a spreadsheet and a linear approximation was determined.

NOTE: this math was created for intellect ranging from 8344 to 9045 with mark of the wild active. The equation holds true higher than these values but the farther you push the less accurate it will be.


Through experimental data the following linear interpretation of the spirit/intellect relationship at higher intellect levels should hold true:

Mana Regen (spirit) = ((.00008913)(Int)+.784)(Spirit)

This should be what pops up when you highlight “spirit” on your character sheet. It will read “Increases mana regeneration by X per 5 seconds while not casting”. In order to find your true mp/5 in combat simply divide the number by 2. In the meantime I will refer to Mana Regeneration as a stat, not true mp/5. For the purposes of these equations, when I refer to ‘Int’ I am referring to the number that shows up in your character screen WITH mark of the wild active. Intellect based regen remains unchanged.

Intellect regen = (Int+1180)*1.02

The overall effective regen equation then becomes:

Effective Regen = (Int+1180)*1.02 +  ((.00008913)(Int(buffed))+.784)(Spirit) +931


These days regeneration is less of a concern for us because we are eschewing spirit in favor of other stats with the swiftly increase levels of intellect available to us. You may not get a large amount of use out of them but they can still be used to tell you something about your overall longevity. The intellect regeneration scales fairly well with our gear and every 112.2 (modified) intellect increases our spirit’s regen by 1%.

In order to see what you are gaining when looking at new gear we need to add a couple more variables. Right now we have:

Int = intellect as listed on your character sheet with mark of the wild active

Sp = spirit as listed on your character sheet

We need to add the following:

I(delta) = the gain or loss of raw intellect, as it is written on the item’s or items’ tooltips (before leather mastery, furor, motw etc.) when comparing gear or gear sets

S(delta) = the gain or loss of spirit as it is written on the item’s or items’ tooltips

The final equation then becomes:

Effective Regen = ER = [((Int+1180)*1.02)+(I(delta)*1.22)]+[.00008913*(Int + (1.17*I(delta)))+.784](Sp+S(delta))+.931

Hope I haven’t lost you so far! There is a lot going on here but even the windows calculator can help you work through it in no time at all. If you’re looking at the effects of changing only one of the two stats at a time, I(delta) or S(delta) then its a lot easier to evaluate the change.

For I(delta) the following tells us the regen change per each point of raw intellect gained:

d(Effective regen)/I(delta)=1.22 + 0.000103(Spirit)

For S(delta) the following tells us the regen change per each point of raw spirit gained:

d(Effective regen)/S(delta)=(0.00008913(Int)+.784)

For my current gear, these two values would be 1.474 and 1.553 respectively. Given that intellect gives throughput puts it ahead in the end, but we knew that already.


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