Heroic Ultraxion Primer (25m)

I’ve been meaning to post this mini-guide on Ultraxion for a long time given how fairly easy he is (execution wise, I know that DPS check wise he was tougher for some guilds pre-nerf). Now that the 10% nerf is live I really have no excuse for not having something up here. I’ll be posting a Blackhorn primer on the site this weekend if possible. My learning for that fight was during the 5% nerf however everything still applies.


Ultraxion Heroic Primer (25 man)

Our relevant class make-up:

Tanks: 2 of any type, we used druid and paladin

Healers: 5, we generally use one druid, two shamans, and either two priests one paladin or two paladins and one priest

DPS: 18, at least 9 players have some ability or cooldown that allows them to survive Hour of Twilight

The trick to this fight is adhering to mechanics and being accountable for your own survival from instant kill mechanics. As a healer you aren’t responsible for fading light or staying out and surviving Hour of Twilight making your job that much more simple. Hour of Twilight casts come at known intervals and have a three second cast time as opposed to the painfully slow normal mode one. If you are concerned about missing it you can always keep Ultraxion as your focus in order to watch his cast bar.

Outside of Hour of Twilight the only other major decision comes in the form of the three buffs available to you from the Dragon Aspects. They are unchanged from normal:

Red: Healing Increased by 100%

Green: Pulses a heal every second divided among raid members based on how much you healed in that time

Blue: Mana costs reduced by 75% and spell haste by 100%

While Green and Blue offer bonuses that are better for some healing classes than others they are not nearly as good as red is for restoration druids. Green just doesn’t put up the numbers you need and it isn’t a smart heal in any fashion. Blue makes a class already very mana efficient unnecessarily more mana efficient and increases spell haste when so many of our spells are instant or are GCD capped (rejuvenation). These facts coupled with the fact that the green and blue buff come so late make them less than ideal.

With the Red buff though you are getting an even bigger benefit than you’d think. Increasing all healing done by 100% is fantastic, but its interaction with Effloressence is even better. Under the benefit of this buff your swiftmend will heal for 200% of its normal value. This amount is then used to set your Effloressence tick amounts which are in turn also multiplied by two. This means Effloressence is healing for 400% of what it usually does AND it is a smart heal. If you have a feral druid available then your Effloressence can, by way of Nurturing Instinct, heal for 480% of its baseline value (a shaman with 15% increased healing nets you 460% of baseline). You will find Effloressence, if used properly, making up a substantial portion of your healing done for this fight.


As the fight is about to begin we had the healers activate Heroic Will roughly two seconds before Ultraxion lands and becomes attack-able. When he is, or just before, TimeLust is activated such that all DPS players get it but healers do not. This is NOT a requirement however and you could probably activate it at any time that works best for you if need be. We prefer doing it at the start in order for all player DPS cooldowns, trinket ICD’s, and pre-pots to line up perfectly. You also have the most time with everyone guaranteed to be alive and in the “normal realm” less.  TimeLust is activated again at the end of the fight to give healers the additional haste required to keep up with the heavy damage during Nozdormu’s Timeloop.  Any players that may have died during the fight will be able to benefit from this second TimeLust.

I tend to hold off on spending too much mana until the Red buff goes out. I will roll lifebloom, as painful as it is on a fight with fairly constantly tank swaps, and WG/Swiftmend on cooldown along with a modest smattering of Rejuvenation. Once the Red buff goes live however then I will go into my full AoE rotation using Innervate with Tier 13 set bonus, and Tree of Life as needed for longevity. Remember to place your Swiftmend on players with the 15 or 20 percent increased healing taken buff to maximize your throughput. The damage is going to be fairly slow at first and will ramp up to fairly severe around the 5 minute mark or so and continues to become more severe, then unhealable without a major cooldown, and then he berserks and kills everyone should you take too long. Rationing your mana usage is fairly important which means making every swiftmend and wild growth count. Tranquility can be used twice during this fight and one of those times will have to be during the endgame. To make sure it is available I would advise you to not use your first tranquility any later than the two minute mark.

There’s little that can be added beyond these few tips and “PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS” because that’s pretty much how you’re going to feel during the last couple of minutes in the fight. Once the blue buff is out it’ll feel like people are just getting topped off before your HoT’s can do much and then it escalates very quickly into ZOMG everyone is dying. My memories of learning this fight come from before all the nerf’s so it is probably much less painful these days but if you are just learning this fight be prepared to heal everyone and mash your buttons and GCD lock yourself. If you make good spell choices and aggressively and smartly use your healing abilities with short cooldowns you’ll find yourself putting up solid numbers (65K+ is easily attainable).

As stated I’d like to have a Blackhorn primer up this weekend and a Heroic spine primer up sometime in the next couple of weeks. I haven’t written as much other than these guides lately as I’ve been a little busy but I expect that I’ll do some more theory crafting and probably non-WoW related stuff as well in the coming weeks. I will also be at PAX East; if anyone else is going and wants to say hi feel free to let me know!


2 responses to “Heroic Ultraxion Primer (25m)

  1. “Remember to place your Swiftmend on players with the 15 or 20 percent increased healing taken buff to maximize your throughput.”

    Could you tell please what buff is that? I looked at Blizz’s journal for ultra and don’t see anything listed. I’d like to add this buff to my ui so it would show me an icon on this player with that buff.


  2. I apologize if that is misleading. Feral druids have a talent that gives them a 20% buff/boost to all healing received and Restoration shaman often take the talent that gives them a 15% buff/boost to all healing received. By using this boost to your swiftmend you increase the subsequent Effloressence field

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