Dovahkiin, Naal ok zin los vahriin – End of a great journey

My Dovakiim is a powerful Breton woman thrust into the heart of a frozen lands struggle with little she could do about it. She was never intimidated, she was never worried, only determined to live out her destiny as her blood right foretold. She did not let being a woman in a world of fierce Nord men get in her way and she befriended many strong women as allies along her adventure.

In Skyrim, a land of blinding snow, lush green fields, and perilous mountain ranges life is difficult. Bandits and thieves pray on the weak and a civil war rages. In the midst of all of this, dragons terrorize the land leaving its citizens quaking in fear. It is because of this my character was forced to take a stand, make the warring parties form a truce, and banish the evil from the world.

Skyrim is a game where everyone’s story is going to be a little different. It is these differences that makes the game so personal and dear to the player. I know some people have given Skyrim a hard time because it isn’t so obviously narrative driven like Mass Effect, or Final Fantasy etc. While I enjoy games with a heavy story, there is an appeal to a game like Skyrim. A living breathing world with endless things to do and see where you can get lost inside its wonder. I don’t love open world games in the GTA sense, but I make exceptions for Elder Scrolls Games.

I did not spend as much time with the game as others may have. I think in total I racked up roughly 150 to 160 hours of game time. I became a Thane in every major city, became the leader of all the major guilds, developed my Thu’um power to its fullest potential, and mastered many different forms of combat. Despite all of this I know there are things STILL left undone and I may still go back and finish them.

I cannot recommend this game enough to those who love a deep role playing experience especially if you have access to a decent PC. I have been lucky and experienced zero game breaking bugs or glitches of any kind and even if I had, the PC version has access to the console which can fix just about any of them.

And with that, a parting shot of the great warrior Arboria, Dovakiim, slayer of the great evil, and savior to the people of Skyrim.

There are many Dragonborn, but this one is mine. Adorned in heavy dragonbone armor she shows courage in the face of imminent danger. Unafraid she wades into the heart of combat and slices through foes with her deadly Legendary Daedric Longsword. No foe has bested her in battle to date and likely never will.

Combat development for those who asked:

Perk build:

I initially thought you stopped getting perks at level 50 but you definitely do not. It let me expand my development and really enjoy my combat. If you are going with melee, the time dilation effect under the Blocking perk tree is a lot of fun and adds a lot of depth to battle.

In order to utilize two fighting styles I crafted two sets of dragonbone armor. One of which was blocking, health, and one-handed damage based along with magic resistance; the other was sneak, bows, and magical resistance. I found renaming each set greatly sped up my gear swapping: Bahamut’s Wargear (one-handed) and Tiamat’s Regalia (archery).

If you are pursuing blacksmithing you can create some amazing weapons and armor. Make sure to craft and enchant (if you can) some armor with +Blacksmithing bonuses on it. I believe there are 4 item slots that can have that enhancement placed on them. This coupled with potions that increase blacksmithing by 50% for 30 seconds lets you temper your weapon, bow, and armor into extremely awesome legendary versions. Worth looking into.


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