Quality of Life: Brainstorming a Fix to Lifebloom

I was sitting around brainstorming last night about things that I would love to see happen as part of my wish-list for restoration druids in Mists of Pandaria. Some things have been addressed, some are clearly outstanding, but one idea got lodged into my head and just wouldn’t leave. I kept trying to hash out how it could be represented, or worded, or set up for our specialization and while I couldn’t get it quite right I think I have a workable idea. This infectious idea has to do with tank swapping. This is arguably one of our greatest quality of life issues in current raiding content. It doesn’t affect our utility and throughput outright, but having to spend countless GCD’s stacking lifebloom back and forth on tanks is laborious and inefficient.

This is nothing new really.

Right now we have two versions of lifebloom that we cast. The first is our normal version which I will refer to as the primary cast or target. Tree of Life (Incarnation) lifeblooms, or Lifebloom! In the same manner as Pyroblast!, are additional or supplemental and may have to be exempt from the ability that I’m brainstorming. If it could be coded as I’d like it though, they might not need to be exempt just clearly identified as different.

Here is what I’d like to see (the wording will be fairly crude, I’m no tooltip maker):

Specialization: Restoration only

Name: Flourish

Type: Passive

Whenever your primary lifebloom ends prematurely the target gains stacks of Flourish based on how many applications of lifebloom were present to a maximum of two. If lifebloom is ever cast on a player with the Flourish buff, the number of lifebloom stacks applied increase for each Flourish buff present. Flourish lasts for 45 seconds*. Only one** stack of Flourish may be active at any time.

*the duration of the buff is entirely debatable at this time, this is a placeholder

**might want that to be two stacks at any time to allow for three tank fights should they ever come back in 25 man, or for larger PvP activities

I liked this idea because it has a couple of really awesome advantages and play skill involved. The player must be watchful of his tank lifebloom and take care not to let it drop off by way of the bloom because there is no compensation for that. The tank swap ability would only apply if the lifebloom is forcefully removed. This is something we should be doing anyway (though sometimes you want the bloom) and should not really pose a problem to those who are diligent when rolling their blooms. Besides the obvious tank swap issue, this has great PvP usefulness. It gives us dispel protection by allowing lifebloom to reapply on dispel targets immediately. It also lets you aggressively swap lifebloom between two players in PvP as required.

I know it isn’t the same as a new ability that dropped three lifeblooms on a target with a cooldown that some people have been suggesting but I thought this might be a pleasant and elegant solution. It would also save me one keybind. I know that shouldn’t be an issue but given that I will be adding four or more combat abilities to my bar for MoP (mushrooms, mushroom: detonate, ironbark, assorted utility talents) I’d rather streamline the number of active keybinds used.

What are your thoughts on this idea and would it even be feasible?


3 responses to “Quality of Life: Brainstorming a Fix to Lifebloom

  1. I like how your idea doesn’t add any new abilities. We have a bloated enough toolbar as it is.

  2. That was my biggest concern. It seems trivial at first but I have very specific muscle memory when healing and a bloated key-bind set is something I’m extremely concerned with come MoP.

  3. restokin has from Beta
    •Glyph of Lifebloom
    While not in Tree of Life Form, casting Lifebloom on a new target grants that target as many applications as the old target had.

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