Mid-week Musings – Planning Mists of Pandaria Keybindings

It has been fairly hectic for me these last couple of weeks and while I would have liked to write a Blackhorn or Spine of Deathwing primer I haven’t gotten around to it. I think I will be shortly though depending on availability. There has been a ton of news and at this point it is pretty much old hat to most of you but I will say that I am fairly excited about getting permanent tree form back in the coming expansion. I am one of those people who couldn’t care less about showing off my gear…heck I transmog it anyway so no one can see what I actually have on. This lets me get back to my roots so to speak and I enjoy that.

I was thinking about the coming expansion the other day and how I’m gaining four new button clicks to join my arsenal. While I really wish they’d use my lifebloom tank swapping suggestion there’s no way to know whether a new or unique ability will be created to handle this In the future. What I do know is that I will need to accommodate additional keybinds in my setup. I currently use an older Razer mouse so I do not have additional mouse buttons beyond 4 and 5 so you may have access to a deeper bind arsenal than I.

While away from WoW right this moment here is a rough draft of what my keybind situation is going to look like. I do not use mouse-over macros click to cast binds for heals with my mouse. The only one of those that I do use is Shift + Mouse 1 for cleansing.

I think it can definitely work though it will take a shift in my muscle memory as these will be new buttons for mushroom drop and detonate compared to what I have in my balance spec currently. This is probably the hardest part of updating buttons I have found as of late as everything has to be instinctive. I’m curious if anyone else has thought out their keybinds or planned for their Mists of Pandaria layout.


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