She said yes!

So I know that I’ve been extremely busy with life (and admittedly Diablo 3) so I haven’t really had a chance to do anything WoW related. We’ve secured everything to buy a house and will be closing on that soon and work and other some such things have taken up almost all of our time.

I did want to share some wonderful news! Today, June 9th, 2012 I have officially become engaged to my soulmate!

There will be many more good things to come and hopefully I can get some actual warcraft/druid news out there but I expect things are going to stay hectic for me until late August.

Peace. Love. And happy gaming for you all!




7 responses to “She said yes!

  1. That’s wonderful! 🙂 Huge congratulations to both of you.

  2. This made me smile. It makes me happy to read about how happy you are.

    Congratulations, dear!

  3. Wow, congratulations! Very happy for you two. 🙂

  4. Congratulations!

  5. I ❤ the druid (and priest) community!

  6. How exciting! Congratulations 🙂

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